Mobile Satellite Internet Options Through Certus

Mobile Satellite Internet Options Through Certus

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In the past, going off the grid usually meant sacrificing the constant connectivity we were used to. Even with the introduction of the first Internet-ready satellite for consumers in 2003, options for remote Internet connection were spotty at best, and completely unavailable in many parts of the world. Since then the options have grown, getting to the point where world-travelers and global corporations could maintain online communication no matter where they went. The mobile satellite Internet options through Certus now lead the way in seamless, reliable, and uninterrupted data and streaming across the globe.

The globally-connected options we’ll cover include:

Questioning whether you need mobile satellite Internet or not? Let’s find out.

Who Needs Mobile Satellite Internet?

It’s easier to find yourself in the middle of nowhere without Internet connectivity than you might think. But those living in or near large urban areas are accustomed to instant worldwide connection with the push of a button and they often don’t consider how they could lose that once beyond that bubble. Even small towns at this point are usually equipped to handle the Internet needs of its residents.

But moving beyond those areas presents challenges when it comes to maintaining contact. For a long time, people who needed to travel to remote areas understood that they would just have to be without Internet, and the ramifications that went with it. Disconnecting from loved ones, trusting that business associates had everything handled, and not staying up-to-date on current events were normal sacrifices with far off travel. But little by little, mobile satellite Internet options became available.

At present, Iridium Certus reigns supreme in the world of mobile satellite Internet.

And that goes for individual needs as well as the capability to meet the ever-growing demands of large organizations –  including the ones our country depend on to keep us safe and secure.

People don’t have to choose between an off-grid excursion and Internet connectivity any longer. For those traveling beyond areas with typical Internet capabilities, there are mobile satellite Internet Options through Iridium Certus. Not just options, but perhaps the best you can find for whatever your needs might be. So, just what is Iridium Certus?

What is Iridium Certus?

Iridium Certus is a high-powered platform that is enabled by the Iridium NEXT satellite constellation. Introduced in 2019, Iridium Certus allows users full access to Internet capabilities via Iridium connected equipment with the highest L-Band data throughput. Because of the constellation’s  66 crosslinked low earth orbit (LEO) satellites, users have the ability to travel to any corner of the earth and still have the connectivity they want and require. The rollout of Iridium Certus made this leader in satellite global communications even stronger, which we covered in-depth in our article, “How to Never Lose Connectivity With Iridium Satellite.”

From pole-to-pole, and via land, sea, or air, Iridium Certus makes efficient, high-performing broadband service possible.

Why Choose Iridium Certus for Mobile Satellite Internet

Not only is mobile satellite Internet just a possibility with Iridium Certus, but it’s arguably the best available. With other options to choose from, including competitor Inmarsat, it’s important to know what makes Iridium Certus a great choice no matter who’s using it. From personal to business use, as well as among first responders and government teams, it’s about knowing you can trust that connectivity will always be available.

Here is what you can expect when using devices linked through Iridium Certus.

Everything You Need on One Platform

Though access to Internet is key, it’s not the only way to stay connected. Having mutiple devices is one way to do it, but wouldn’t it better to have one communication hub that can do it all? Services include:

  • Background IP Data
  • Streaming IP Data
  • High Quality Voice
  • Text Messaging
  • Safety features

Top Speed

You don’t just want mobile Internet, you want fast mobile Internet. With Iridium Certus offering the highest speed L-Band connectivity, you can have it. On the other hand, if the needs of you or your team can be met at lower data speeds, Midband is available for a more cost-effective option.

Iridium Certus Midband speeds: 22 Kbps – 88 Kbps  (with transceivers optimized for size, cost, and power)

Iridium Certus Broadband speeds: 176 Kbps – 1.4 Mbps (with transceivers optimized for speed)

Concerned these speeds won’t keep up with future needs? No need to worry. Iridium Certus will continue to expand and grow, vowing to stay a step ahead of any other satellite provider.

Reaches Beyond Land

With frequent travel done by so many, as well as the number of maritime vessels always en route, making Internet available to only remote land areas would really miss the mark. Through a portfolio of products, Iridium Certus can meet the needs of its consumers by land, sea, and air. If boundary-free communication is what you need, regardless of location, terrain, or weather – even en route, Iridium Certus is the solution.

Let’s take a look at the mobile satellite Internet options available that function on this unmatched multi-faceted platform.

Mobile Satellite Internet Options Through Certus

Iridium Certus Land Units

Thales MissionLINK

In whatever corner of the world you land in, you want to be confident that your Internet connection will remain strong. The Thales MissionLINK is the solution to reliable communication no matter the landscape or weather. Backpacking in the mountains in the middle of nowhere? You got it. Working with a team in the south pole? You’re covered. Trying to reach out in the middle of a hurricane? You’ll stay safe.

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The Thales MissionLINK is the solution for highly reliable web communication due to its operation using Iridium Certus’ global broadband services. And with its ability to link to a smartphone, tablet, or computer, users can also expect seamless low latency delivery and voice connectivity.

Features of the Thales MissionLINK:

  • take and store anywhere compact design
  • embedded 802.11 b/g WiFi access point
  • confidence with “future-proofed” solutions for higher speed services
  • download speeds of 700 kbps and upload speeds of 352 kbps
  • Push-to-Talk Ready
  • IP67 rated single cable antenna can withstand severe weather
  • extensive safety features including distress notifications and location tracking

By land, MissionLINK is a reliable solution for voice, text, and web communication worldwide.

Iridium Certus Marine Units

When it comes to the maritime industry, successful business operations, safety services, and crew welfare can all be managed. From pole-to-pole, across all five oceans, and beyond, the Iridium Certus maritime units operating are dependable and fast.

Cobham Satcom SAILOR 4300 L-Band

At the pinnacle of satellite communications in regard to performance and reliability is the Cobham Satcom SAILOR 4300 L-Band. You might think a terminal that packs so much punch in terms of power would be a large, protruding eyesore, but that’s not the case here. Instead, you have a unit that’s both compact and easy to install.

Features of the Cobham Satcom SAILOR 4300:

  • can be used as a stand-alone terminal or as an upgrade to current vessel communications
  • quality, rugged construction means it’s ready to withstand the toughest maritime conditions
  • high bandwidth IP connection
  • up to 3 high-quality voice lines for global calling
  • available in bulkhead and 19″ rackmount
  • speeds that can take on data-heavy apps including video conferencing, multi-user Internet/VPN and telemedicine

For superior performance you can rely through all of Earth’s waterways, the Cobham SAILOR 4300 L-Band delivers.

Thales VesseLINK Maritime Communications

When you’re miles from any shoreline, you need to feel confident in your choice of Internet connectivity as well as voice service. Utilizing a unit like the Thales VesselLink on Iridium’s 66 cross-linked LEO satellites, means you never have to cut a trip short because your communications beyond your vessel are failing.

Features of the Thales VesseLINK:

  • military-grade design
  • equipped to handle rough sea conditions
  • 24/7 communication via web, voice, and text
  • integrates with any existing communications equipment
  • fast download speeds of 700 Kbps and 352 Kbps
  • Streaming up to 256 Kbps
  • Location Tracking as well as operational reporting and logging

Uninterrupted connectivity by sea has never been this easy.

For more information, read: Iridium Certus Strengthens Maritime Connectivity

Once you’ve chosen the Iridium Certus Satellite option that works best for you and your team, you’ll need to set up a plan to meet your day-to-day connection requirements.

Iridium Certus Plans

Through Satmodo, various plans are available to meet the needs of its customers. Whether you’re a world traveler needing to stay connected to loved ones back home, or you’re constantly collaborating with a remote team making crucial decisions, there is a plan that will work for you.

All monthly plans add an extra layer of security in knowing you won’t be disconnected even if you go “over.”

Certus Land

For Certus Land Service Plans, the following monthly service plans are available:

10 MB – 12 Months: $72/month
30 – MB – 3 Months: $117/month
150 MB – 12 Months: $447/month
500 MB – 3 Months: $1250/month

No matter which one you choose, U.S. numbers are available and you never have to fear you’ll run out of data. Your sim card won’t run out of minutes even if you go beyond your typical data needs.

Certus Marine

For Certus Marine Service Plans, the following monthly service plans are available:

  • $133 Monthly 0 MB ($19.99/Extra MB)
  •  $401 Monthly 50 MB ($9.99/Extra MB)
  • $713 Monthly 100 MB ($8.99/ Extra MB)
  • $1079 Monthly 250 MB ($5.99/ Extra MB)
  • $1586 Monthly 1 GB ($1.99/ Extra MB)
  • $1963 Monthly 5 GB ($1.99/ Extra MB)
  • $2857 Monthly 10 GB ($0.99/ Extra MB)
  • $446 Monthly 300 MB VSAT ($2.99/ Extra MB)

Per-minute Streaming Options are also available starting at $0.99/minute for a speed of 4.8 Kbps and up to $39.99/minute for a speed of 256 Kbps. High-quality voice calls are $0.99/minute, with calls to other Satellite networks priced at $18.99/minute.

Questions on plans or want to create something custom? 24/7 Live Support is available at 1-800-279-2366.

Alternative Satellite Internet Options

We know that what may work best for one, doesn’t necessarily work best for all. Which is why there are other options available depending on your needs. If you’re looking for a mobile satellite Internet option besides Certus, we recommend considering options on the Inmarsat Network.

Inmarsat Land suggestions include:

1.) The Explorer 5075GX Fly-Away Antenna System is a rugged ka-band satellite terminal.

2.) The Explorer 8100 GX Drive-Away Land System, boasts a swappable feed system where users are able to switch between frequency bands (GX, Ku-band, KA-SAT) at any time.

For further details read: Portable Satellite Options Through Inmarsat.

A wide range of maritime satellite Internet choices

Constant, reliable communication for anyone and anywhere is the number one priority of Iridium Certus. If you’re ready to purchase a unit on the only satellite network with 100% global coverage, or any of the other top of the line units, reach out to Satmodo today. 


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