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The KyWay Go product line integrates the revolutionary KyWay™ mobile satellite terminal into transportable and ruggedized cases. This enables the KyWay Go terminal to be transported on commercial aircraft or shipping vehicles. It is easily secured on many different platforms and is operational in under five minutes. Reliable, robust, and consistent communications are now also highly portable.

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Specs & Features

Product Description

The KyWay Go utilizes the innovative metamaterials-based mTennaTM technology system to provide lightweight on-the-move acquisition and continuous tracking of satellites.

Connectivity can be lacking when it is critically needed. Wherever you need it – in a remote incident response, in an urban environment where existing infrastructure is compromised, or elsewhere in the world where operations demand reliable communications – Kymeta makes it easy.

The KyWay Go portable terminal comprises two major components:

• The Kymeta mTennau7 antenna subsystem module (ASM), including a combined transmit-and receive-capable aperture, control electronics assembly, mechanical enclosure system, and software.

• The interface unit, including the modem, power supplies, and interfaces. Both cases are weather resistant and are intended for operations in almost any environment.



  • SATCOM in less than four minutes from opening of case to transmitting
  • Two weather-resistant, rugged, transportable cases contain everything needed for connectivity
  • One-button operation enables simple and reliable communications and can be bundled with Kymeta KĀLOTM satellite service (separate data sheet available)
  • Tx/Rx from a single panel
  • Mounting points for securing the KyWay Go to a number of platforms
  • Bespoke MIR/CIR satellite service packages available for government users
  • Prototypes available for 3 month or 6 month rentals or purchase

Rx/Tx frequency range11.4 – 12.4 GHz (Rx)/14.0-14.5 GHz (Tx)
Rx/Tx gain33.0 dB (Rx)/32.5 dB (Tx)
Rx G/T9.5 dB/K
Rx scan roll off @60°1.2 (H-pol)/1.1 (V-pol)
Tx scan roll off @60°1.4 (H-pol)/1.2 (V-pol)
Tracking rate>20°/second
Temperature range>-25°C to +55°C (operational), -40°C to +75°C (storage)
Input power110/240 VAC 50/60 Hz 600 W peak, 325 W typical
ODU dimensions Total weightL 38.5” x W 38.5” x H 14.5” Approx 110 lb
IDU dimensions L 38.5” x W 24.6” x H 11.4” Total weightL 38.5” x W 24.6” x H 11.4” Approx 50 lb
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