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Best Mobile Satellite Internet For 2022

What is Satellite Internet?

Satellite Internet is a broadband network that requires three satellite dishes; one at the centre of internet service providers, one in space and one connected to your place.

Who Needs Mobile Satellite Internet?

Those traveling beyond areas with typical Internet capabilities, there are mobile satellite Internet Options through Iridium Certus

What are the steps to buy Satellite Mobile Internet

Peruse the many mobile satellite internet devices available at Satmodo, Determine how much internet data you’ll use each month, Get your internet device delivered

How do you use mobile satellite internet?

Determine the type of device that best suits your needs, choose a service plan that best suits your data requirements. Follow instructions for set up with your particular device.


The rugged EXPLORER 5075GX, by Cobham, is a portable, lightweight, auto-acquire fly-away system.  The user friendly design of this Ka-band satellite terminal is configured to work with the Inmarsat Global Xpress (GX) satellite network and contains an integrated iDirect Core Module.

Featured Highlights

  • Easy set up and deployment
  • 4-Piece Carbon Reflector
  • 75 m Axis-Symmetric Reflector
  • IPX5-compliant Baseband Packaging
  • WLAN Access Point and LAN interface
  • LCD Display and Web-Based User Interface
  • 2 Case Solution, Airline Checkable

BGAN Terminal Options

Traveling remotely and need access to high-speed Internet and phone? BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) terminals allow you to connect almost anywhere in the world. Not only will you be able to maintain communication around the globe, but they are also easily portable – usually fitting into a laptop case.No cellular connection is required for BGAN terminals to function. Because of the 3 BGAN satellites constantly in orbit, coverage includes almost all areas of the world (poles excluded). In fact, one service plan is all you need for your terminal to operate both on land and sea. Need Wi-Fi? BGAN terminals allow you to use your within range, Wi-Fi enabled device. These terminals, however, do need to have a line-of-sight to one of the three satellites. Outdoor use is advised, though indoor use is possible if placed in a window in the direction of the satellite. To operate properly, finding an area free from trees, walls, and buildings is necessary. We’re ready to help you conduct your communication needs on a global level. Once connected to the proper BGAN terminal, you will be able to use: high-speed Internet, phone, Fax, Text Messaging, and Streaming Services. Depending on how you plan to use it, several BGAN terminals are available to best meet your needs.

Land Use

If you are planning to use your satellite terminal for remote travel on land and seek ease of portability, the following are two perfect options. Explorer 510 & Explorer 710

Vehicular Use

Do you find it hard to settle down in one spot and are always on the go? A satellite terminal designed specifically for vehicular use is what you need. The specialty of the Explorer 727 is its ability to provide reliable and high-quality communication and connectivity even with vehicles moving up to 120 miles per hour.

Maritime Use

With the Sailor 500 BGAN terminal, you won’t have to feel like you’re anywhere but home while traveling the seas. 

Comparison Chart

We've put together a caparison chart below to make it easy for you to shop for the satellite data units. This list compares the best land, maritime, and vehicular data devices. Whether you are looking for a portable internet device or a device to mount we can help you. Give us a call at (800) 279-2366

Mobile satellite internet explorer 510
Cobham Sailor Fleet Broadband


Explorer 510

Explorer 710​

Sailor 500

Explorer 727

Pricing (approx)
Land( Non-Polar)
Land( Non-Polar)
Land (Non-Polar)
1.4kg / 3.1lbs
3.5 kg / 7.7 lbs (incl. battery)
Antenna: 13.2 lbs;Transceiver: 5.5 lbs
7.8 / 7.8 / 1.6 inches
332 / 279 / 54 mm 13.07 / 10.98 / 2.13 inches
5.5'' x 2.36''x 1.06'' (14.0 x 6.0 x 2.7 cm)
Transceiver H/W/D: 1.67 / 9.72 / 10.63 inches;Antenna H / W: 6.3 / 18.76 inches
Battery Life
2h15m Transmit time; 36h Stand-by time
2h 30m Transit Time / 36 Standby
Standard IP:
Up to 464 kbps
Up to 492 kbp
Up to 432 kbps
Up to 492 kbps
Streaming IP:
32, 64, 128 kbps
32, 64, 128 kbps (256 kbps & BGAN X-Stream)
8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 kbps
32, 64, 128, 256 kbps
High Data Rate Streaming:
Min. 600 kbps
BGAN X-Stream: Min. 384 kbps
AC/DC power supply
Input: 100-240VAC, 47-63Hz, 50W
Input: 100-240VAC, 47-63Hz, 65W Output: 19VDC
10 to 32V DC
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What features do you need on your satellite internet device?

Internet for open water and boats

streaming speeds up to 600 kbps

Ultra Lightweight Portable satellite Internet

Satellite Internet for vehicles 

Sailor 500

With the Sailor 500 BGAN terminal, you won’t have to feel like you’re anywhere but home while traveling the seas. In today’s world, staying connected is vital, even offshore. This device is making affordable and reliable global connectivity possible via satellite. Though extremely powerful in allowing vessels to communicate easily wherever and whenever, this device is actually compact and easy to use. One of its most notable features is the ability to run 9 voice lines simultaneously with Inmarsat services. Sea charting, vessel tracking, and route planning are just a few of the functions the Sailor 500 allows its users to conduct while sailing the world’s oceans. And it’s all included!

Inmarsat FleetBroadband Monthly Plans

Globalstar gives you the option of monthly plans at an affordable rate. Globalstar phones are great for use in the U.S.  For custom plans please call (800) 279-2366

25 MB

$23.60/ Extra MB
$ 359
  • Low Airtime Rates
  • Minutes $.83/min

75 MB

$14.16/ Extra MB
$ 649
  • Low Airtime Rates
  • Extra Minutes $.99/min

250 MB

$7.09/ Extra MB
$ 1,069
  • Low Airtime Rates
  • Extra Minutes $.99/min

1 GB

$2.37/ Extra MB
$ 1,379
  • Low Airtime Rates
  • Extra Minutes $.99/min

4 GB

$.70/ Extra MB
$ 1,699
  • Low Airtime Rates
  • Extra Minutes $.99/min

Explorer 710

For those needing satellite-streaming and broadcasting capabilities, look no further than the Explorer 710. This portable powerhouse streams video via satellite at over 650 kbps. Similar to the 510, users of the 710 can connect to their own devices: phones, computers, tablets, etc. to communicate and connect on a global level. If live broadcasting is what you’re after and need incredible reliability, this unit’s got it. Though sophisticated in design and capabilities, the Explorer 710 is easy to set up and use right away…wherever you are.

Inmarsat’s SATCOM as a Service capability offers mobile high-throughput connectivity the way government users need it: simple, affordable and operationally available.”

Cowen-Hirsch - Inmarsat

Explorer 510

This is one of the most portable and easy to use Satellite units. Small, rugged and optimized for severe weather conditions make it one of the most popular BGAN terminals. The 510 includes smartphone integration, allowing users to send and receive text messages, place phone calls, as well as turning your phone into a satellite phone. Replacing your everyday phone with one specifically intended for satellite use won’t be necessary. This affordable option can also be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot. With a range of up to 300 feet, this means that while your terminal works best outside, you can still use its capabilities while indoors.


Inmarsat Monthly Plans

Inmarsat offers service plans that are budget friendly and fit your needs. For custom plans please call (800) 279-2366

5 MB

$7.99/ Extra MB
$ 79 Monthly
  • Rollover available
  • Never run out of data
  • FREE voicemail

20 MB

$5.99/ Extra MB
$ 99 Monthly
  • Rollover available
  • Never run out of data
  • FREE voicemail

50 MB

$5.29/ Extra MB
$ 259 Monthly
  • Rollover available
  • Never run out of data
  • FREE voicemail

100 MB

$4.99/ Extra MB
$ 399 Monthly
  • Rollover available
  • Never run out of data
  • FREE voicemail

750 MB

$3.99/ Extra MB
$ 2,599 Monthly
  • Rollover available
  • Never run out of data
  • FREE voicemail

2 GB

$2.99/ Extra MB
$ 5,729 Monthly
  • Rollover available
  • Never run out of data
  • FREE voicemail

Inmarsat Monthly Region Plans

10 MB: China​

$3.99/ Extra MB
$ 47
  • Rollover available
  • Never run out of data
  • FREE voicemail

10 MB: South America

$3.99/ Extra MB
$ 47
  • Rollover available
  • Never run out of data
  • FREE voicemail

10 MB: South Africa

$3.99/ Extra MB
$ 47
  • Rollover available
  • Never run out of data
  • FREE voicemail

Inmarsat Explorer 727

Do you find it hard to settle down in one spot and are always on the go? A satellite terminal designed specifically for vehicular use is what you need. The specialty of the Explorer 727 is its ability to provide reliable and high-quality communication and connectivity even with vehicles moving up to 120 miles per hour. This robust device attaches to the roof of your vehicle, making in-transit communication through the most remote locations a breeze. Humidity, dust, extreme weather and constantly changing temperatures are no match for this rugged BGAN terminal. Have a bit of time to stop? Expect the Explorer 727 to allow you HD video streaming capabilities while stationary (and still touting  256 kbps with regular streaming service while in transit.)

kyway ggo

Kymeta KyWay Go

If high speed internet is what you’re missing on your off-the-grid travels abroad, the Kymeta KyWay Go will make it happen. Additionally, large infrastructures must be prepared for when ommunications may be compromised – planning ahead with the right option that provides a fast and reliable internet connection will be vital.

Featured Highlights

  • State-of-the-art technology provides lightweight on-the-move acquisition and continuous tracking of satellites so you get the best service possible
  • terminal can be transported on commercial aircraft or shipping vehicles
  • Rugged and robust, the Kymeta KyWay Go holds up in any environment
  • One-button operation enables simple, fast, and reliable communications 

Satmodo BGAN FAQ

Purchasing satellite mobile internet can change the way you live your life or do business. We all know too well what it’s like to feel disconnected to the outside world where communication is impossible. It can be crippling and is a position you never want to find yourself in ever again. Choosing to buy satellite mobile internet in 2020 means you’ll have seamless 24/7 connectivity whenever you need it.

Here are the steps to purchase satellite mobile internet:

  1. Peruse the many mobile satellite internet devices available at Satmodo from the very best satellite internet providers: Inmarsat, Iridium and Globalstar. This is an important purchase and you need to know that what you purchase best fits your or your organization’s needs. You’ll find an excellent customer service representative ready to help you make your choice by calling 1-800-279-2366.
  2. Determine how much internet data you’ll use each month and choose an access plan accordingly. Monthly plans are perfect for those utilizing a similar amount of data each month, whereas some people will find that prepaid plans give more flexibility. Don’t see the option that works best for you? Just ask!
  3. Get your internet device delivered to your door the same-day. Our top of the line devices allow you to access internet worldwide wherever you are in a matter of minutes.

There are a range of mobile satellite internet options and devices which means how much you’ll pay for mobile satellite internet will vary depending on need. Additionally, those using mobile satellite internet requiring a low amount of monthly data will pay significantly less than someone who needs to utilize a large amount of data. 

Someone using mobile satellite internet can expect to pay around $785 to purchase a hotspot Wi-Fi device like the Iridium Go! and upwards of $42,000 for a large-use system such as the Explorer 5075 GX. Monthly plans range from $69/month for 5 MB of data and up to $5,729 for 2 GB of monthly data. Further, you’ll find unique pricing depending on type of data required (land, marine, M2M) and you can find that information here.

When deciding whether to use a satellite mobile Wi-fi hotspot vs. a device that provides portable satellite internet, here is what you’ll want to consider:

  • A satellite mobile hotspot such as the Iridium GO! is a small device that allows the user to travel to remote areas while continuing to be able to have Wi-Fi Internet access via their smart device. 
  • A stand-alone satellite internet device will remain in a fixed position, so that internet can be accessible from that specific site (though some can be mounted to moving vehicles such as boats and RVs).
  • A satellite mobile hotspot delivers a limited Internet connection at 2.4 kbps. This enables the user to send small files, check emails, and post to social media. However, it will not match a cable broadband internet experience you’re likely used to and web-browsing activities will take a long time.
  • For a more full-use Internet experience, purchasing a stand-alone portable satellite internet device is necessary. For example, the Explorer 710 provides streaming rates over 650 kbps which allows users to leverage fast on-demand video as well as Internet browsing. Unlike a limited hotspot device, portable satellite internet terminals have Ethernet ports, phone ports, fax ports, USB ports to give a wide range of capability.

back again. But the satellite technology of today allows download and upload speeds to occur very quickly, even over this massive distance.

Sun outages (interference) caused by the passage of the Sun behind the satellite should not impact I-4 broadband services. The period of interference occurs twice a year and the duration of each event is limited to a few minutes. For the Inmarsat satellite access station (SAS) antennas these Sun outages are known beforehand and handled as part of nominal operations. The beamwidth of the L-band user terminals is such that that they are not impacted by the Sun within the field of view.

Inmarsat monitors the published space weather environment, as provided by NOAA. At geostationary orbits (~36,000km above the Earth) a satellite is normally offered some protection from solar particles by the Earth’s magnetic field. But at times of high solar activity (e.g. during flares or coronal mass ejections) the extent of the Earth’s magnetic field can be reduced, resulting in the satellites being exposed to higher than normal flux of charged particles. The satellites are designed to handle increases in the charged particle environment, but no amount of shielding can provide total protection, so events do occur. These are sometimes referred to as single event upsets (SEUs). Typically, satellites have redundant on-board systems allowing a back-up to be used whilst an SEU is investigated and the affected equipment returned back to full operations. No interruptions to services are expected.

We provide an IP bearer that is transparent to applications, including VoIP. We have tested common VoIP providers such as Skype.

The truth is that you can’t expect mobile satellite internet to operate on the same level as what you’re used to in the comfort of your urban or suburban home. However, the options available keep getting better and it’s pretty impressive the kind of speed you can get in even the most remote locations of the world. 

The fastest mobile internet speed you can expect comes from a product like the Inmarsat GX 5075 Mobile Satellite Internet Fly Away System. At 4000 Mbps, users can expect high speed portable satellite internet with the push of a button. Another great option with fast speeds close to this is the Kymeta KyWay Go.

For I-4 broadband satelllite services this is dependent on demand. Inmarsat has the flexibility to dynamically assign spectrum and power where it is needed. Capacity can be adjusted and allocated depending upon demonstrated demand for the BGAN family of services.

SIM cards can be barred or disconnected for any location by the Distribution Partner (DP).

The total EIRP (Effective Isotropically Radiated Power) that can be allocated to the narrow spot beams is 67 dbW.

Some paging systems have been modified to receive text messages from the local mobile networks. The user will be unable to access the service if they are outside their own country because the numbering scheme (or plan) for pagers is not part of E.164 numbering.

Coverage maps are available on the Satmodo’s Coverage page. Satellite coverage maps are not definite because the edge of coverage is not static. Geosynchronous satellites reside within a “box” in space, inside which they drift from one edge to the other (typically 0.5 degree drift). As they drift, so the edge of coverage moves.

Yes. There is a charge for each individual message.

The BGAN network typically provides a Latency of between 900 – 1100 milliseconds.

Cause and effect latency, or delay experienced over the satellite network impacts the performance of acknowledgements and of packet sizes. The BGAN network typically provides a latency of between 900 – 1100 milliseconds. You can achieve a more cost-effective and efficient email service by ensuring that your email client/server settings have been optimised for satellite networks. For further assistance, please contact your Distribution Partner or Service Provider.

There are users in a variety of situations who don’t require long-term use of mobile satellite internet that would warrant full purchase of a product. It’s understandably an expense you don’t want to incur when you know you only need a temporary internet solution. Whether you’re providing internet for a team working remotely for a few months or require a portable terminal for a family cross-country excursion for the summer, renting satellite internet is an excellent option.

Here are the steps to rent satellite Mobile Internet:

  1. Determine what type of mobile satellite internet device best suits your needs. Land and Maritime rental options can be found here. Once you make your choice you’ll get 24/7 customer support and outstanding service.
  2. Choose a plan that allows you the amount of monthly access you require. An array of options are available and users can choose between monthly or prepaid plans. Customized plans can be built, as well. 
  3.  Set up and go! It’s never been as fast and easy at Satmodo, especially with same-day nationwide delivery. Travel the globe without having to worry about loss of communication ever again. 

Premier mobile satellite like Iridium, Inmarsat, and Globalstar making connecting to the Internet a breeze. They do the hard work so you don’t have to.

Here are the steps to follow to utilize satellite internet:

  1. Determine the type of device that best suits your needs whether it be a mobile Wi-fi hotspot, portable satellite terminal, or fixed satellite terminal. 
  2. Choose a service plan that best suits your data requirements. Whether you require minimal data as a back-up in an emergency, or need data for a large-scale operation, there is an option for everyone.
  3. Follow instructions for set up with your particular device. Many options, such as the Explorer 510, have an easy interface that makes set up a breeze.

Determining if a mobile satellite hotspot is better than satellite internet really depends on each individual’s or organization’s needs.

If you are an individual requiring basic Internet access for email, social sharing and weather reports on 1 – 5 mobile devices, then a mobile Wi-fi hotspot such as the Iridium GO! would suit your needs perfectly.

Those seeking higher speed Internet access for web browsing, video streaming, and large file sharing will want to consider one of the many satellite internet devices we have available.    

Satmodo LLC is offering this information to be helpful and informative. This is not being offered as legal advice in any way. We highly encourage you to do your own research and contact the embassy or consulate for the country that you will be traveling too.


*One time $50 activation fee and 12 month contract​ with all monthly service plans.

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