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Product Description

At the forefront of a new era of high speed ultra-portable satellite streaming BGAN terminal, EXPLORER 710 is a sophisticated communication tool for broadcasting and other IP based industry applications.

EXPLORER 710 provides streaming rates over 650 kbps out of the box, when using new high data rate streaming.

With EXPLORER 710, you can leverage the fastest on-demand video streaming via satellite with guaranteed QoS to enhance the quality of live broadcasts and remote communication.

Uniquely, it has the ability to bond the signals from multiple EXPLORER 710 terminals via Ethernet to achieve IP streaming rates of 1 Mbps or even higher – closer to standard definition broadcast quality.

EXPLORER 710 also introduces Smart Phone apps to the world of BGAN connectivity, enabling users to wirelessly connect their own devices for voice calling and connectivity.

It’s light, compact, tough and incredibly reliable. It opens more possibilities for connecting devices, offering more flexibility. It’s ultra-portable, so you can be set-up within minutes of arriving on scene.

EXPLORER 710 is the complete package, featuring touches like a USB host interface, hot-swappable batteries, easy-to-use LED display and multiple interfaces.

It’s the world’s smallest and lightest Class 1 BGAN terminal and the first platform to make use of new high data rate streaming as standard, so is a true next generation BGAN terminal.

Streaming Services (Available with All BGAN Plans)

Streaming Options Price / min
32 Kbps $3.25
64 Kbps $5.99
128 Kbps $9.99
176 Kbps $13.99
256 Kbps $16.99
X-Stream – 450 kbps $25.99
HDR – Half Channel – 325 kbps / 64 kbps $16.99
HDR – Half Channel – 325 kbps $21.99
HDR – Full Channel – 650 kbps / 64 kbps $23.99
HDR – Full Channel – 650 kbps $26.99

Streaming Services (Available with All BGAN Plans)

Prepaid Usage Options Units Used
Standard IP per MB 9.1
Voice per Minute 1.2
SMS per Message 0.5
Streaming per Minute – 32 kbps 3.6
Streaming per Minute – 64 kbps 6.9
Streaming per Minute – 128 kbps 12.0
Streaming per Minute – 176 kbps 17.0
Streaming per Minute – 256 kbps 20.7
HDR Streaming per Minute – 325/64 kbps 20.7
HDR Streaming per Minute – 325 kbps 28.0
X-Streaming per Minute – 450 kbps 29.0
HDR Streaming per Minute – 650/64 kbps 32.0
HDR Streaming per Minute – 650 kbps 38.0


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