Certus Marine Service Plans

When it comes to the maritime industry, successful business operations, safety services, and crew welfare can all be managed. From pole-to-pole, across all five oceans, and beyond, the Iridium Certus maritime units operating are dependable and fast.

Monthly Service Plans​

Monthly plans add an extra layer of security knowing that your sim card will never run out of minutes. For custom plans please call (800) 279-2366

U.S. numbers available

Never run out of data

0 MB

$19.99/ Extra MB


plan card

50 MB

$9.99/ Extra MB


plan card

100 MB

$8.99/ Extra MB


plan card

250 MB

$5.99/ Extra MB


plan card

1 GB

$1.99/ Extra MB


plan card

5 GB

$1.99/ Extra MB


plan card

10 GB

$0.99/ Extra MB


plan card


$2.99/ Extra MB


plan card

* One time $50 activation fee and 12 month contract

Inmarsat Network

4.8 Kbps$0.99
9.6 Kbps$1.99
14.4 Kbps$1.99
28 Kbps$4.99
40 Kbps$6.99
56 Kbps$7.99
96 Kbps$14.99
128 Kbps$21.99
168 Kbps$27.99
256 Kbps$39.99

Inmarsat Network

Voice Calls$0.99
Calls to other Satellite Networks$18.99

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