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Having data connection is essential when traveling through open water. Inmarsat now offers easy to install  and maritime data solutions and marine satellite internet.

Comparision Chart

Fleet OneFleet BroadbandFleet XpressCertus - Marine
Basic Monthly Plan $169$115$2557$133
Activation Fees $50$50$50$50
Contract12 months12 months12 months12 months / 3 months
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Inmarsat FleetOne

Fleet One is specifically designed to meet the low data usage demands of occasional or seasonal users when they move out of VHF or GSM coverage areas. Inmarsat now offers two service plans to put satellite broadband in the reach of any size of commercial or leisure vessel.

Fleet One Global

Fleet One Global offers flexible connectivity for any size of vessel, available for one price anywhere on the world’s seas.Fleet One Global meets the voice and data needs of a wide range of users, from fishing and regional merchant vessels to global recreational seafarers. There is no vessel size limit. There is one global rate and a choice of prepaid or postpaid options. Fleet One Global is flexible – you can de-activate and re-activate the service at any time so you only pay for it when you need it – making it ideal for both seasonal and regular users.

Fleet One Coastal

With Fleet One Coastal, recreational sailors and small regional fishing boat operators can access tailored airtime pricing in key coastal regions to keep costs down. The service is aimed at occasional users looking to stay connected without having to worry about cellular coverage or network roaming charges. Competitive rates are available for prepaid use – ideal for one-off trips. Fleet One Coastal is available to vessels under 500 gross tonnage. Typical users are small fishing and leisure boats up to 24 metres.

Inmarsat FleetBroadband


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FleetBroadband provides cost-effective voice and data through a compact antenna, delivered globally via the I-4 satellite and ground network, which maintains over 99.9 percent network availability.

CostFixed ChargeMetered charge
ActivationActivation to satellite routerSim card is necessary activation to sim card
Line SpeedMax 1024 kbps(SafeComNet plan)Max 432 kbps (standard IP)
FrequencyKu band (!2-14 GHz)L band(1.5-1.6 GHz)
CoverageNot global but covers most of major sea lanesGlobal
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