Satellite Phone for Navy/Marine

Working for the navy or marines encompasses a life of long hours in the middle of the ocean, staring across a never-ending horizon and waiting for the next stop ashore. Communicating with fellow marines or loved ones in this isolation can be a dire necessity. When it comes to communicating on land, you can instantly connect to them by dialing their number on your phone.

This is not particularly the case when you are in the distant sea, where cell phone tower signals are nowhere to be found. Satellite phones are the only solution for naval personnel since they can connect to another person using satellite networks without any mediator service. They enable individuals in the marine or navy to make critical calls regardless of where they are at sea. 

So, how exactly can satellite phones help navy and marine troops on ships? Read further to find out.

Different Satellite Networks On-Board

A satellite phone is no different than a regular cell phone in terms of how it utilizes radio waves to provide signal transfer. You can find different satellite networks for navy and marine use. However, their quality may vary according to the type of satellite they use, along with the ship’s location.

For instance, Low Earth Orbit satellites orbit the earth from a shorter height, which means they offer low coverage. However, some satellite networks, such as Iridium, have many low-orbiting satellites moving at fast speeds around the planet. When using satellite phones of these networks, navy or marine troops can notice their signals fluctuate when trying to contact someone.

For better coverage, satellite phones that offer a geosynchronous network of satellites are a good choice, especially for maritime applications. Inmarsat Fleet One Devices are an example of excellent satellite mobiles and devices that will offer high coverage for navy and marine applications.

 Geosynchronous satellite network includes high orbiting satellites that move perfectly in sync with the earth’s orbit, providing continuous and expansive signals regardless of where you are at sea.

How Do They Work at Sea?

When navy personnel wants to make a call from a satellite phone, the phone acts as a portal to connect to the signal gateway of other networks. A satellite phone is a highly effective communication device on a ship, allowing crew members to carry out conversations regardless of hostile weather conditions. They can be lifesavers during environmental catastrophes such as high tides and tsunamis.

Installing a satellite phone connection infrastructure on a ship is integral for navy and marine crew members. Many brands provide an array of satellite phone devices for seamless and smooth communication. One such example is the Cobham Sailor line, which offers fleet broadband applicable for all maritime-related applications.

Final Words

When sailing across distant lands, having a clear communication line can be incredible for navy and marine sailors. It helps them carry out their mission successfully and also avoid any weather hazards that can come their way.

The weather can take drastic and unexpected turns, and moderators and navigators must quickly send emergency messages to the crew members on board. Satellite mobiles are, therefore, life-saving devices for navy and marine troops. 


Not only will you have every device you require for satellite communication, but the GSA contract has pre-set prices for airtime so you can get the prepaid minutes for voice and data you require.

Questions? Please reach out to our experts so we can get you outfitted with the satcom resources your government entity needs to keep operations running smoothly. 


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