Satellite Phone for Firefighters

Due to the recent climate crises and global warming scares, fire outbreaks and extreme weather conditions have increased alarmingly. During these unwanted and drastic events, firefighters come out as the first line of defense in the face of danger. With natural disasters becoming an evident and undeniable threat, first responders such as firefighters must utilize technology to optimize rescue operations. 

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How Firefighters Can Use Satellite Phones

Satellite technology has now made communication seamless across all areas. It has also continued to provide connectivity in remote and distant lands where signals for conventional mobile networks do not exist. Today, the biggest environmental scare includes wildfires. Massive forest fires have been spreading worldwide, endangering entire habitats and exotic wildfires. 

These wildfires last days and even months, and collective firefighter efforts become integral to their disposal. Firefighters should also act vigilantly in these instances, retrieving and rescuing the remaining wildlife left in the ashes. Calling for backup and support in urban forested areas where wildfire emerges must be speedy and smooth, without network disturbances. 

Carrying seamless communication in remote areas is impossible if you rely simply on broadband networks. In these instances, satellite phones are the best options as they pave the way for crystal clear communication relying solely on orbital satellites without third-carrier intervening towers. These satellites orbit around the planet and provide seamless coverage for calls regardless of where you are located. 

When conducting a rescue operation, firefighters need to have sound and clear instructions so that they can methodically diminish the fire and swiftly evacuate individuals to safety. Satellite phones have built-in features that enable audible communication in remote signal-scarce areas, allowing firefighters to carry out their mission successfully without any hurdles. 

Why Firefighters Must Choose the Right Satellite Phone

There are many satellite phones that firefighters can choose from. However, not all of them provide features beneficial for a firefighter rescue operation. A good satellite phone for firefighting rescue is Iridium 9555. Unlike other satellite phones that require you to stand underneath an open sky to make a phone call, Iridium 9555 can help firefighters to call from inside the fire truck thanks to its external antenna feature. 

A firefighter can magnetically place the antennae on top of their vehicle and connect it to the phone so that they can have conversations from inside their vehicle. This also comes with a handy carrying case and a USB charger, which helps firefighters charge the device from inside the vehicle. Besides that, it has multiple charging ports and a good button layout, which helps you make quick calls without delay. 

Helpful Tips when Using Satellite Phone for Rescue

When using satellite phones for rescue operations, firefighters must vary when receiving calls. To start with, they need to ensure that the antenna is pointing towards the sky. If your antenna is not pointing to the sky and is obstructed by an object, then it is unlikely that a person in need will reach you. 

Final Thoughts 

Satellite phones connect people in need, contributing to a quicker response by emergency rescue operators. In firefighters’ cases, satellite communication can make the difference between the lives saved and the lives lost.


Not only will you have every device you require for satellite communication, but the GSA contract has pre-set prices for airtime so you can get the prepaid minutes for voice and data you require.

Questions? Please reach out to our experts so we can get you outfitted with the satcom resources your government entity needs to keep operations running smoothly. 


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