Iridium Certus Resource Guide For Seamless Land And Sea Satellite Connectivity

Whether you are a terrestrial traveler needing to stay connected even in Earth’s most remote areas (including the polar regions) or require seamless communication while traveling by sea, Iridium Certus is the satellite solution to give you what you need. 

As the world’s leader in 100% worldwide satellite coverage, the products functioning on the Iridium Certus network give users the functionality they require without compromising speed or reliability.

What is Iridium Certus?

Iridium Certus is a multi-faceted satellite communication platform that offers the highest throughput L-band data connection available. This specialty broadband service is powered by the Iridium NEXT constellation. With its 66 low-earth-orbiting satellites, Iridium Certus brings those requiring unlimited worldwide communication the first ever truly global broadband service. 

This type of direct satellite access gives anyone in a fixed remote location or on the move where cellular connectivity is not an option the peace of mind that there will never be an interruption to staying in contact whether that’s for day-to-day business or pleasure interactions or in the event of an emergency


Iridium Certus Low Latency

Iridium LEO Low-Earth-Orbiting satellites have considerably less latency than Geo-Stationary satellites because they are less than 500 miles above the earth and not 23,000 miles away. The network latency of Iridium is predicted to be between 40 and 50 milliseconds. When compared to geostationary satellites, which have a latency of 500 to 1000 milliseconds.

Iridium Certus 200

Iridium Certus 200 will provide reliable, truly worldwide coverage with compact, lightweight, low-power equipment with upload and download rates up to 176 Kbps. Iridium Certus 200 will provide an inexpensive broadband connection solution everywhere in the world, from high-quality voice calling on-the-go to internet and messaging at 30,000 feet and crucial Connected Ship applications.

Thales MissionLINK 200 Antenna

Thales MissionLINK provides global terrestrial communications coverage, anywhere in the world. Unaffected by weather or landscape, it is the solution to depend on for essential communications wherever your mission takes you. Whether you operate as part of a deployed force or a single individual, this solution is designed to meet your unique challenges through a simple, adaptable, and robust design. MissionLINK operates using Iridium Certus broadband services over a network of 66 satellites that cover 100% of the globe. The solution utilizes this robust network service to provide highly reliable, mobile, and essential voice, text, and web communications for fixed sites & mobile users

Thales Missionlink 200 Antenna

Thales VesseLINK 200 Antenna

Thales VesseLINK provides global satellite coverage for maritime communications. With uninterrupted coverage from pole to pole, it is the solution to depend on for essential communications. Suitable for ships or fleets of any size, VesseLINK easily integrates with your existing equipment to fully digitize your vessel. VesseLINK operates using Iridium Certus broadband services over a network of 66 satellites that cover 100% of the globe, including deep oceans and poles. The solution utilizes this robust network service to provide highly reliable, mobile and essential voice, text and web communications for captain and crew. VesseLINK comes with an intuitive, user-friendly interface & can be quickly integrated into existing vessels or new fleets. It also includes built-in upgradeability to future-proof your investment and ensures peak speed & performance.

Thales Missionlink 200 Antenna

Iridium Certus Land and Land Mobile Solutions

Iridium Certus land and land mobile solutions are designed and built by Thales Defense and Security, Inc. This collaboration brings a highly mobile system that flawlessly executes a fast connection whether you are on-the-go or in a fixed land location. 

Though the infrastructure itself is complex, they’ve made user operation incredibly simple. All it takes is a quick set-up, and the Iridium terminal’s solid-state, omni-directional antenna will automatically connect to the closest Iridium satellite when pointed straight to the sky.  And when you get back in cellular range? It will automatically switch between the Iridium network and the local network so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Land Markets Served

Enterprises, government entities, small businesses and individuals can all benefit from what Iridium Certus has to offer when communication is required when off the grid. The true scope of Iridium Certus knows no bounds, but some of the most common land markets served include:

  1. Land Mobile
  2. First Responders
  3. Humanitarian Aid
  4. Military
  5. Oil and Gas
  6. Public Safety
  7. Transportation
  8. Utilities
  9. Media

The capability of Iridium Certus provides allows personnel to continue their jobs without skipping a beat no matter where the work takes them. 

IMG_PRD_Thales-MissionLINK_-Antenna-and-Terminal_Web (1)

Land Products

The MissionLINK from Thales paired with Iridium Certus provides the perfect land and land mobile solution for satellite connectivity. 

Thales MissionLINK

The take-anywhere compact (yet rugged) design of the Thales MissionLink is just one of the many benefits of choosing this device as your satellite communication platform. Essentially a global hot spot that keeps you connected pole-to-pole, you’ll be amazed at what it can offer. 

Every industry has unique needs and challenges, and the MissionLINK is able to deliver. Adaptable, robust and user-friendly, this system extends communication coverage anywhere on land you may roam.

Features of the Thales MissionLINK:

  1. embedded 802.11 b/g WiFi access point
  2. confidence with “future-proofed” solutions for higher speed services
  3. download speeds of 700 kbps and upload speeds of 352 kbps
  4. Connects up to 12 wireless devices at one time
  5. Three dedicated voice channels
  6. Push-to-Talk Ready
  7. IP67 rated single cable antenna withstands severe weather, as does the ability to continue to operate in extreme cold and hot temperatures
  8. extensive safety features including distress notifications and location tracking

The Iridium Certus and Thales partnership brings an unmatched solution to land satellite internet with the Thales MissionLINK. 

Land Data Plans

Satmodo offers various service plans to meet the unique needs of each customer.

For Certus Land Service Plans, the following monthly service plans are available:

10 MB12 Months$72/month
30 MB3 Months$117/month
150 MB12 Months$447/month
$500 MB3 Months$1250/month

Even if you go over your monthly allotment, you can rest assured there won’t be a break in coverage. Your SIM card can continue to be utilized even if you go beyond your expected data needs. U.S. numbers are available. 

For more popular satellite internet options, consult our Satellite Internet Buyer’s Guide for the Best Satellite Internet. And if you’re looking for something that functions on the open seas, Iridium Certus offers specific maritime solutions. 

Iridium Certus will enable us to provide broadband connections to teams, vehicles and the important IoT ‘things’ that are in the 80-plus percent of the world that lacks cellular coverage

Matt Desch - Iridium

Iridium Certus Maritime Solutions

We have an incredible resource devoted to how to obtain satellite internet at sea and the best options available, and we explain how Iridium Certus – Maritime is the premium option for communication at sea when traveling the world’s waterways. Because the Iridium network functions pole-to-pole, your vessel will have uninterrupted connectivity no matter where it sails. 

Internet at sea was not possible for a long time and once it was, it wasn’t robust enough to meet the demands of those within the maritime community. The high-speed data transfer and superior connectivity that was once only available on land, is now accessible throughout the world’s oceans and seas.

Maritime Markets Served

Iridium Certus is for anyone who travels by sea and requires connectivity. Whether you want to stay connected to the outside world, need to keep your crew safe, have a business to run, or a critical mission to execute, this powerful network will get the job done to your highest expectations. 

Some of the most common maritime markets served to include:

  1. Commercial Fishing
  2. Merchant Shipping
  3. Leisure
  4. Oil and Gas Offshore Platforms and Rigs
  5. Workboats
  6. Government Vessels
Thales vesselink


A variety of maritime terminals are available that function on the Iridium Certus network. 

Thales VesseLINK

Similar to the MissionLINK also built by Thales, the VesseLINK is an easy-to-use device with a military-grade design that provides high-quality and low-latency voice and data communication. But the VesseLINK was specifically made for the unique challenges that operating at sea can bring. Whether it’s one ship, or an entire fleet, this commercial solution offers continuous worldwide coverage. 

Top features include:

  1. Enhanced at-sea functionality such as at-sea reporting, service logging, crew connectivity, system/cargo monitoring and other operational requirements
  2. Integrates easily with existing communications’ equipment
  3. Voice and data enabled with 3 dedicated voice channels
  4. Safety features such as location tracking
  5. Real-time weather reporting
  6. Multiple user capability for up to 12 connected devices

For a full description and specifications, please visit the VesseLINK product page. 

Cobham Satcom SAILOR 4300 L-Band

SAILOR 4300 L-Band by Cobham

Looking for a compact and easy-to-install terminal? The SAILOR 4300 L-band is the first in Cobham’s Iridium Certus connected range of terminals and offers operational continuity throughout the world’s waterways. Don’t let the small form factor and easy installation fool you; this is a high-performing solution that overcomes connectivity challenges that can happen at sea.  

Top features include:

  1. High-bandwidth IP connection
  2. Up to three high-quality voice lines for global calling
  3. Operational in severe weather and extreme temperatures
  4. Speeds fast enough for data-heavy applications such as video conferencing, multi-user Internet/VPN, telemedicine, and more
  5. Low lifecycle costs that require no scheduled service interval and no maintenance for ten years
  6. A customer service team ready to support you whenever you need it
  7. Pairs with a VSAT system, such as the v85NX, for seamless redundancy

For a full description and specifications, please visit the SAILOR 4300 product page. 

Intellian c700

The Intellian c700 is the most powerful Iridium Certus terminal available. The enhanced 12-element patch phased-array antenna gives full coverage even at low elevation angles making for ultimate reliability. Ship motion can sometimes cause intermittent connectivity, but the advanced design of this robust design makes that a thing of the past. All of this plus ultimate security features make it a top choice for a range of maritime industries.

Top features include:

  1. H2 high-class high-power amplifier gives uplink speeds of 352 Kbps
  2. Highest IP data speeds of any L-band terminal at up to 704 Kbps
  3. Powerful API completely integrates with Smart Boxes
  4. Built-in systems allow for connecting analog phones and onboard PABX, powering IP devices and SIP phones, and supporting multiple users
  5. No scheduled maintenance necessary

For a full description and specifications, please visit the Intellian c700 product page. 

Intellian C700
Interested in exploring further options to get you seamless internet access at sea or want to see side-by-side product comparisons? We cover all the options in our Satellite Internet at Sea Buyer’s GuideMaritime PlansFor Certus Marine Service Plans, the a wide range of monthly service plans are available:
$133 Monthly0 MB$19.99/Extra MB
$401 Monthly50 MB$9.99/Extra MB
$713 Monthly100 MB$8.99/Extra MB
$1079 Monthly250 MB$5.99/Extra MB
$1586 Monthly1 GB$1.99/Extra MB
$1963 Monthly5 GB$1.99/Extra MB
$2857 Monthly10 GB$0.99/Extra MB
$446 Monthly300 MB$2.99/Extra MB
Per-minute Streaming Options are also available starting at $0.99/minute for a speed of 4.8 Kbps and up to $39.99/minute for a speed of 256 Kbps. High-quality voice calls are $0.99/minute, with calls to other Satellite networks priced at $18.99/minute.Determining your data needs as well as which terminal may be best in your situation may require expert advice. That’s why Satmodo offers 24/7 customer support. Give us a call at 1-800-279-2366 to find out if Iridium Certus is the right network for you or your company. We can answer any questions you may have about your satellite communication needs.

Iridium Certus IoT Solutions​

One goal of Iridium Certus is to provide the most far-reaching, extensive Broadband Internet at an affordable cost. As connectivity expands, we know you need to be ready. Through the Iridium Certus platform, IoT solutions are possible. Working remotely with high-speed access, increased bandwidth allows the user to run their IoT networks as required to include:

  1. asset tracking
  2. fleet management
  3. remote monitoring
  4. other intelligent data applications

Simply put, global businesses need the ability to send and receive global data. Iridium Certus makes it possible, even in the farthest of locations.

Iridium Certus Government Solutions​

Iridium Certus is the ideal choice for worldwide communication for military users. Military operations face unique challenges through critical missions where reliability is of utmost importance. Global expeditions send users to remote areas around the globe where connectivity must continue at the speeds required by our armed forces.  With a boundary-free satellite communications network that is unaffected by weather conditions, Iridium is the connectivity choice that can be trusted.

In an easy-to-use, adaptable interface, the military-grade MissionLINK Thales is an ideal choice for assets in the field. Offering location tracking, 3 high-quality voice lines, and highly reliable communications and incredible speed, this multi-services platform allows users to perform the essential functions any mission requires.

Iridium Certus FAQ

Iridium NEXT system is expected to maintain Iridium’s current unique architecture, which provides truly global coverage, with increased capacity, higher data speeds, new services. Iridium Certus is 66 operational satellite


Iridium satellites provide L band voice and data coverage to satellite devices across the earth.

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