T6500 Watertight Hard Case

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  • High Impact Abs
  • #316 Stainless Steel Pins
  • Pick and Pluck Foam 1/8″ 2a Volara
  • Depth Rating: 3 Feet for 30 Minutes
  • Temperature Range: -30 F to 175 F

SKU: S3-T6500

Specs & Features

Product Description

The S3 T6500 Protective Case is constructed from high impact ABS.  It is assembled with #316 stainless steel pins and the interior is lined with 1/8” 2A Volara cross-linked polyethylene foam.

This case is ideal for storing and transporting a Cobham EXPLORER 500 satellite broadband internet unit, powered by Inmarsat.  This hard case is also great for use with an arborist first aid kit, binoculars, a dive mask, fishing reels, a sequencer, a studio condenser mic, a road hazard kit, a med kit, or scientific equipment.

You can buy this S3 case in Yellow or Black.

S3 cases are made from durable ABS thermoplastic designed to protect your valuable gear wherever your travels may take you. The T6500 is the largest case manufactured by S3, ensuring you have plenty of room to keep your communication tools properly housed and protected from the most extreme elements. Users will also appreciate the compound latches for greater sealing and compression.

When it comes to your satellite communication devices, whether it be a phone, hotspot or other data device, you need to know it will stay protected when not in use. The S3 T6500 Protective Case provides the perfect fit for a larger satellite terminal so you can have peace of mind that it will be ready to go when pulled out of its case.

Other than protection for your satellite devices, the S3 T6500 can also be used with:

  • Video camera
  • Video accessories
  • Tablets
  • Testing equipment
  • DVD player
  • Fishing equipment
  • First Aid Kit

Your most trusted satellite device requires safe stowing during transport. The construction of the s3 T6500, both inside and out, was built with users’ most necessary tools in mind. Determining the right communication device for you and your team’s needs is paramount when working off the grid, and securing a properly fitting storage case is just as important.

This case is ideal for storing and transporting the Cobham EXPLORER 510 satellite broadband internet unit, powered by Inmarsat.  


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  • High Impact ABS
  • #316 Stainless Steel Pins
  • Die-cut Polyurethane Foam

  • Inside Dimensions:

  • 11.93″ long
  • 9.02″ wide
  • 5.98″ deep
  • 303.0 mm long
  • 229.1 mm wide
  • 151.9 mm deep

  • Temperature Range:

  • -30 F to 175 F

  • Outside Dimensions:

  • 12.81″ long
  • 10.36″ wide
  • 6.64″ deep
  • 325.4 mm long
  • 263.1 mm wide
  • 168.7 mm deep

  • Weight:

  • 4.86 lbs
  • 2.2 kg

  • Depth Rating:

  • 3 Feet for 30 minutes*
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