T5000 Waterproof Hard Case

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This T5000 model case, by S3, is the perfect size and shape to accommodate your satellite phone and basic accessories. It is watertight, rugged, and affordable making the T5000 a very popular choice.


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Product Description

This is the first case in our line that is customized specifically for the GoPro camera. We work closely with GoProfessional Cases and have foam case inserts made specifically for the GoPro camera and its accessories. This case is one of our best sellers because it is used in the cigar market as a travel humidor by Xikar, by Lamotte for holding a handheld water-testing unit and by ES&S to hold an earthquake-monitoring device. Many gun enthusiasts use this custom case for securely storing handguns.

This case is ideal for storing and transporting an Inmarsat IsatPhone2 satellite phone and some accessories. This hard case is also great for use with binoculars, a camera, a sat phone kit, or scientific equipment.

You can buy this S3 case in Yellow, Black, Blue, or Orange.

The impact proof, dustproof and waterproof protection you require for your satellite phone.

S3 cases are made from durable ABS thermoplastic designed to protect your valuable gear wherever your travels may take you. The protective outer shell of the popular S3 T5000 keeps your satellite phone or other necessary equipment protected from drops, falls, dust and debris, water, and extreme temperatures. 

When it comes to your satellite communication tools, whether it be a phone, hotspot or other data device, you need to know it will stay protected when not in use. The S3 T5000 Protective Case provides the perfect fit for your satellite phone along with its necessary accessories.

Other than protection for your satellite phone, the S3 T5000 can also be used with:

  • Go-Pro Camera
  • Binoculars
  • Handheld electronics
  • First Aid Kit
  • Scientific Equipment
  • Video Camera

Are you a world traveler or someone whose line of work takes you to the most remote locations in the world? Being able to stay connected is key. This starts with securing a satellite device that allows for the communication you require, but protecting that device is just as important. We cannot recommend enough having a rugged case for safe storage on the go.

Looking for a reliable satellite phone that pairs well with this case? We recommend the Inmarsat IsatPhone2 or any others from our line of phones with similar dimensions.


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This product is Made in the USA.

  • The inside dimensions are 9.37 x 7.34 x 4.08 in
  • The outside dimensions are 10.18 x 8.55 x 4.78 in
  • The product weight is 2.80 lbs.
  • The depth rating for this hard case is 3 feet for 30 minutes.
  • The temperature range is from -30°F up to 175°F
  • This case meets or exceeds the MIL-STD810F Transit Drop Test and Immersion Test and SAE J575 Dust Resistant Test Certification.
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