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SPOT Gen4 gives you a critical, life-saving line of communication when you travel beyond the boundaries of reliable cellular service. SPOT Gen4 lets family, friends, and colleagues know you are OK, or if the unexpected should happen, sends your GPS location to emergency responders all with the push of a button. Add this rugged, pocket-sized device to your essential gear and stay connected wherever you play or work.

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  • Strap
  • USB Cable
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Carabiner
  • Batteries

HELP/SPOT ASSIST: Request help from your colleagues at your GPS location or ask for help from professional assistance organizations.HEIGHT: 3.48” (8.83 cm) WIDTH: 2.66” (6.76 cm)
TRACK: Automatically send and save your location and allow contacts to track your progress using SPOT My Globalstar.THICKNESS: 0.93” (2.36 cm)
CHECK IN: Let contacts know where you are and that you’re okay with a pre-programmed message.OPERATING ALTITUDE: -328 ft to +21,320 ft (-100 m to +6,500 m)
CUSTOM MESSAGE LLet contacts know where you are by sending a pre-programmed message with your GPS location..HUMIDITY RATED: MIL-STD 810F, Temperature cycling from 20°C to 60°C while maintaining 95% RH
S.O.S. In an emergency, send an S.O.S. with your GPS location to GEOS, who facilitates search and rescue.VIBRATION RATED: Per SAE J1455
LONG BATTERY LIFE: Send 1,250 Check In and Custom Messages on a single set of Lithium batteriesDUST AND WATER RESISTANT: IP68, BATTERY TYPE: 4 AAA Energizer® Ultimate Lithium 8x batteries (L92)
4 AAA Energizer® NiMH rechargeable batteries (NH12)

Q- How much does spot cost?
A- Spot gen4 is for $149

Q- How does spot gps work?
A- Press and hold the SOS button until it blinks green. The GPS light will blink green when SPOT sees the GPS satellites and while obtaining your GPS location. Once your GPS location is obtained, SPOT sends your message and GPS location.

Q- How does spot trace work?
A- SPOT Trace is designed to only send track messages when it detects movement. When it is stationary for more than five minutes, Trace will enter Suspended Track mode. It will automatically send one more track message from the resting location as part of the suspension process.

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