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Securing high-speed and reliable internet at sea can be a challenge. But rough, open waters are no match for the SAILOR 900, a Maritime VSAT solution that keeps you connected wherever your boat takes you. The SAILOR technology platform has been a big player in maritime satellite internet because time and again, it proves speed and reliability are what you get from them when traveling the world’s oceans.

Fleet Xpress Plans - 60cm


Product Description

Maritime VSAT Solution

The SAILOR 900 is a 1-meter antenna series primed to meet the varying needs of a wide range of customers operating vessels at sea. Boats of all sizes carrying different operations have found success in using this Maritime device on the Ku-band frequency – known for its ability to reach top speeds allowing for streaming, downloading, internet surfing and sending and receiving data. 

Some of these vessel types include:

  • Heavy lift vessels
  • Fishing trawlers
  • Tugboats
  • Super Yachts
  • Tankers
  • Container liners

With an Inmarsat Global Xpress Plan, you’ll have high-speed internet aboard your ship in no time. Still want to stay connected at sea but need something a bit smaller? We recommend you check out the SAILOR 800 VSAT Ku.

Proven Reliability

You don’t want spotty internet at home and you don’t want it when you’re sailing either. You need to be confident in knowing that you can keep your connections back home or complete those business deals no matter what. Because of the motion involved with sailing at sea, finding the right internet solution can be difficult, but the SAILOR 900 has proven its ability to provide reliable operation downlink and uplink to keep your line of communication open. 

Speed You Require

Not only do you want internet that works seamlessly, but you want it to be fast. No one has time to sit and wait while a web page loads. Here are the features you can expect from the powerful SAILOR 900 VSAT Ku: 

  •  high uplink and downlink speeds 
  • Meets the demand of more bandwidth and higher data throughput
  • 20W extended frequency BUC for top performance and reliability
  • Superior performance during ship motion
  • reflector dish and radome primed for the best performance on both Ku- and Ka-band frequencies

All of this comes with a automatic line-up that saves time during the installation process so you can have your internet up and running as soon as possible.


Avoid Satellite Blockage

Internet interruptions and outages are common at sea when you have subpar equipment. Because of its superior radio frequency and dynamics, the SAILOR 900 antenna, however, stays connected even in rough sea and weather conditions. This is due to its flexible dual antenna operation. The SAILOR 900 can automatically detect a blocking zone or antenna malfunction and make the switch to the other antenna in 20 milliseconds.


Future Proofed

Technology advances quickly and maritime satellite internet is no different. SAILOR is committed to giving its customers the best global communication access possible, and that means future proofing its products to keep. Here’s what to expect:

  • Ku- and Ka-band high throughput satellites are headed online and the 900 is primed to work on these HTS services.
  • Most of the SAILOR 900 variants have the ability to convert from Ku to Ka-band as necessary
  • Designed for 10 years of life without maintenance


What’s Included

– 407009B Above Deck Unit (ADU), incl. 103cm reflector, 8W BUC, 2x

Multi-Band LNBs, OMT, Diplexer, Mounting Accessories

– 407016C Antenna Control Unit (ACU) with AC Power input for 19″ rack

mounting (1U)

– AC Power cord

– NMEA Multi-plug

– 2x 1m 75 Ohm coax cable TX/RX ACU-VMU.

– Ethernet cable

Antenna and Control Unit (ACU) 


Above Deck Unit (ADU) 


GX Modem Unit 

NetworkInmarsat Global Xpress
Block Upconverter (BUC) Power6W standard; upgradeable to 20W
Total System Power Consumption330 W peak, 140 W typical (up to 6 W BUC)
Above Deck Unit Weight275 pounds
Reflector Size83 cm
Ingress ProtectionIPx6 sprayproof
Operational Temperature-13 degrees to 131 degrees F
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