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The SAILOR 800 VSAT Ku is a standardised high-performance 3-axis stabilized Ku-band antenna system. Even though it has a small form factor, it’s been tested and verified that it is equal or higher to other 1m maritime VSAT antenna performance. For anyone headed out to sea, it’s important to secure reliable internet for the challenges unique to a marine-based environment, and the SAILOR 800 is a solid choice for a wide range of vessel sizes.

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Product Description

Maritime VSAT Solution

The SAILOR 800 is a top-performing maritime VSAT solution. It brings ideal voice and data functionality to a moving ship at sea via Ku-band frequencies. Vessels that would normally require a 1m antenna can use the smaller and lighter 83cm antenna due to its equivalent RF performance. With an Inmarsat Global Xpress Plan, you’ll have high-speed internet aboard your ship in no time.


Small, but Mighty

For smaller vessels looking for a VSAT solution, the SAILOR 800 is a top choice. Typically, these pint-sized boats had to avoid VSAT because of the large size of other antennas, but not so here. The new high throughput satellite (HTS) service in Ku Band combined with the SAILOR antenna systems allow for top-of-line internet service even in the most remote areas at sea. This Cobham antenna system comes standard with 6W Block Upconverter Power or you can opt for even better uplink performance with the 20W high-powered version. 


Other included features that ensure you always stay connected include:

  • Fastest turning rate and acceleration
  • Largest elevation range
  • Superior performance during ship motion
  • Unlimited Azimuth range
  • Signal remains stable and precise even in harsh conditions


High-Quality, Reliable Communication

We know you expect high-quality, reliable communication even when sailing the world. The smaller from factor of the SAILOR 800 along with its dual antenna configuration ensures your vessel is always connected. With two antennas and one modem, you’ll maintain an interruption-free satellite connection without all of the extra hardware normally required with multi-antenna configuration.


Quick and Easy Start-Up

Similar to the larger, top-selling SAILOR 900 VSAT Ku, the single cable 800 takes little time to deploy. All RF equipment if pre-configured and factory-installed making your job as simple as possible to get it up and running. You’ll have lower startup costs and easy installation so you can get connected in a snap. Because of the flexible integration, vessels of all types and sizes can benefit from the high=performing internet satellite device.


What’s Included

– 407008A SAILOR 800 VSAT Above Deck Unit (ADU) including:

83cm Reflector, 6W BUC, 2 Multiband LNBs, OMT/Diplexer, Mounting


– 407016C SAILOR Antenna Control Unit (ACU), AC powered

– AC power cord

– NMEA Multi-plug

– 2x 1m 75 Ohm coax cable Tx/Rx ACU-VMU.

– Ethernet cable

Antenna and Control Unit (ACU) 


Above Deck Unit (ADU) 


GX Modem Unit 

NetworkInmarsat Global Xpress
Block Upconverter (BUC) Power6W standard; upgradeable to 20W
Total System Power Consumption330 W peak, 140 W typical (up to 6 W BUC)
Above Deck Unit Weight275 pounds
Reflector Size83 cm
Ingress ProtectionIPx6 sprayproof
Operational Temperature-13 degrees to 131 degrees F
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