Kyway U7 8W BUC terminal with Modem

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  • Lightweight
  • Flat-panel for low-profile installation options
  • No moving parts and electronic steering for low maintenance and reliable connectivity
  • Compatible with satellite and hybrid satellite-cellular networks
  • Simple power-on startup and auto-acquisition for easy operation
  • Broad applicability for vessels and vehicles
  • Reliable communications even at high speeds and on rough seas or terrain
  • Low power consumption and requirements

Product Description

Kymeta™ u7 Ku-band satellite terminal addresses the need for lightweight, low-profile, and highthroughput communication systems on-the-move. The u7 terminal makes connectivity for nearly any vehicle, vessel, or fixed platform easier and more reliable than ever before. KĀLO™ network services from Kymeta can be bundled with Kymeta u7 terminals and purchased in flexible, variable usage packages that utilize familiar and easy-to-understand data plans. The Kymeta u7 satellite terminal with KĀLO service plans deliver an economical, end-to-end, mobile broadband solution.


  • Robust – Hardened and proven to work in land-mobile and maritime environments.
  • Easy – Satellite technician not required for installation, setup, commissioning and provisioning
  • Reliable – Solid-state electronically-steered antenna, no gimbals or motors required
  • Agile – Fast tracking, on-the-move connectivity supports mobile broadband



  • Simple power-on startup and auto-acquisition for easy operation; auto-commissioning available for KĀLO service
  • Low-power electronic beam steering for low maintenance and fast, reliable connectivity
  • Over-the-air (OTA) software updates
  • Cloud-based customer portal for support and service management tools with APIs for simple integration
  • Flat-panel for low-profile installation options
  • Flexible mounting solutions for vessels and vehicles
  • Kymeta now has a u7 antenna that supports RX operational frequencies in the upper range of the Ku band (11.85 GHz to 12.75 GHz) supporting customers in ITU Region 3
  • In addition, Kymeta now has a u7 antenna with extended operational temperatures up to +65 °C that supports RX operational frequencies in the Ku-band range of 11.2 GHz to 12.1 GHz
  • The Kymeta u7 terminal can be configured as an all outdoor system (with the exception of the modem) with the power supply and all interconnects mounted on the back of the antenna

Antenna typeElectronically scanned array
PolarizationVertical and horizontal, software defined
RX frequency range11.4 GHz to 12.3 GHz
G/T (broadside)9.5 dB/K)
TRX instantaneous bandwidth >>100 MHz
RX scan roll-off @ 60°>Cos^1.1-1.2
TX frequency range>e 14.0 GHz to 14.5 GHz
EIRP (broadside)8 8 W BUC: 41.5 dBW,16 W BUC: 44.5 dBW
TX instantaneous bandwidth>100 MHz
TX scan roll-off @60Cos^1.2-1.4

Tracking rate>20°/second
Scan anglesTheta up to 75° off broadside
and Phi 360°
Mobile tracking accuracyFCC compliant for 25.222 and 25.226
Tracking receiver typeIntegrated DVB-S2

Outdoor unit operational temperature>-25°C to +55°C
Outdoor unit storage temperature-40°C to +75°C
Outdoor unit ingress protectionIP 66
Outdoor unit shockIEC 60068-2-27
Outdoor unit vibrationMIL-STD-167-1A
IEC 60068-2-64
IEC 60068-2-57
Indoor unit operational temperature-0°C to +50°C
Indoor unit storage temperature-40°C to +75°C
Indoor unit ingress protectionIP20
Indoor unit shockIEC 60068-2-27
Indoor unit vibrationMIL-STD-810G
Indoor unit BTU/hr 8 W BUCTypical 1025 | Peak 1700
Indoor unit BTU/hr 16 W BUCTypical 1375 | Peak 2050

Outdoor unit dimensionsL 82.3 cm x W 82.3 cm x D 16.5 cm
L 32.4 in. x W 32.4 in. x D 6.4 in.
Outdoor unit weight21.1 kg | 46.5 lb.
Outdoor unit mounting interface4 x M8 x 1.25 mounting standoffs
0.95 cm | 0.375 in. deep
Mobile tracking accuracyW 44.5 cm x D 31.75 cm x H 9.06 cm
W 17.5 in. x D 12. 5 in. x H 3.57 in.
Indoor unit weight6.35 kg | 14.0 lb.

Input power110-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
8 W BUCTypical 300 W | Peak 500 W
16 W BUCTypical 400 W | Peak 600 W

Network interfaceRJ45 10/100/1000
RF cablesN-type connectors

Interface cablesAvailable in 3.66 m, 7.62 m, 15.24 m
12 ft., 25 ft., 50 ft.
RF cablesAvailable in 3.66 m, 7.62 m, 15.24 m
12 ft., 25 ft., 50 ft.
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