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Iridium Go Marine Bundle – Promo

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Bundle Includes:

  1. Iridium GO Marine Antenna
  2. Iridium Go Antenna Adapeter
  3. Up to 25 of cable

Product Description

Iridium Marine antenna: Iridium Marine antenna is a high performance, durable, bracket mount antenna which is designed for applications using the Iridium® Satellite Communication system. The durable IP67 rated housing and bracket mount makes the IMA.01 the ideal solution for permanent marine installations. The antenna exhibits excellent efficiency, greater than 65% with the standard 1.0 meter CFD-200 coaxial cable. The IMA.01 antenna is designed for free air operation, thus no ground plane is required.

Iridium Go Antenna Adapter: This cable is made to allow the Iridium GO! connect with an external Iridium antenna, like the Portable Auxiliary Antenna.

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