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Iridium Active Antenna

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Product Description

This active antenna lets Iridium users that need to install longer long cable runs to use a lower-grade, more-flexible cable. It’s ideal for most cable runs between 150 and 500 feet. These longer cable lengths provide the capability to place Iridium installations on ships and on land where an Iridium solution ordinarily could not operate.

This antenna provides extreme ruggedness and reliability.  It is made from an anodized hard aluminum bottom case and a pressure molded GRP radome to provide a water- and dust-tight antenna.

NOTE: The use of the incorrect cable at the specified length or the shortening of the cable supplied can damage the antenna and void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Kit Includes: heavy duty alloy mounting bracket, DC leads, power break-in box, and 1 m coaxial cable with TNC male end connectors.


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