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Intellian v85NX Ku Band

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Mounting a large satellite internet antenna system on a small vessel can be difficult. Yet you still require seamless internet connectivity while you travel the world’s oceans. The solution comes in the form of the world’s first future proof Ku- to Ka- band convertible VSAT with a Sub-1m smaller footprint antenna, the Intellian V85NX.



Product Description

Maritime VSAT Antenna System

The Intellian V85NX may be small, but it’s big on power. This compact 85cm antenna, operating with the Inmarsat Fleet Xpress service, gives smaller vessels access to 1-meter designed networks. That means users from a wide array of industries can count on the top performance they require in maritime satellite internet.

Higher Performance

Getting fast and reliable internet at sea can be a challenge. Due to the unique nature of a boat in motion and sea conditions, securing a quality maritime satellite internet terminal is crucial. The V85NX’s ability to quickly convert from Ku-band frequency to Ka-band frequency ensures a seamless and uninterrupted connection.

Additional connectivity features include:

Standard 8W Block Upconverter Power for a high level of bandwidth and fast upload speeds
Upgradeable to 16W or 25W BUC
Capable of supporting full 2.5GHz Wide Ka-band networks
Dual antenna system means never losing a signal

Operating a larger vessel? Check out the Intellian v100NX.

Save Time and Money

Time is money. That’s why the Intellian V85NX has a simple design that makes installation as quick and painless as possible. It is also important that you can be confident that the product you purchase will keep up with your internet connection needs as time goes on. The future proofed design gives you peace of mind that you have exactly what you need for years to come.

Features that make the V85NX cost-effective and easy to use:

  • Single cable design for quick installation
  • Modular component design reduces the number of spare parts by 30%
  • 13 common spare parts fix most potential issues that may arise
  • Simple maintenance means a lower cost of ownership
  • Supports dual antenna operations with no additional mediator RF splitters required
  • Future proofed system
  • 2.5GHz Wideband Ka-band Radome and Reflector ready
  • Mounting from outside of radome
  • The addition of the AptusNX software guides an easy and complete set up and diagnoses the device to alert the operator when preventative maintenance is required.

Technical Specifications:


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