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Intellian V100NX Ku Band

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Investing in a high-quality satellite internet solution for your maritime travel and business needs is crucial. Anything less will have you without the speed and reliability you require to stay connected. No matter your industry (or even if it’s just for your yachting adventures), the Intellian V100NX, operating with the Inmarsat Fleet Xpress service, gives a powerful and seamless internet connection no matter the conditions at sea.



Product Description

Maritime VSAT Antenna System

Fast and reliable internet is what you need to continue your day-to-day operations of your business or stay connected to your loved ones back home – even while at sea. Utilizing a convertible Ku- to Ka- band terminal allows you to have maximum performance and the highest data transfer rates available.

Additional connectivity features include: 

  • Standard 8W Block Upconverter Power for a high level of bandwidth and fast upload speeds
  • Upgradeable to 16W or 25W BUC (Ku-band) or 5w and 10w BUC (Ka-band) for a wide operational range
  • Utilizes 2.5Ghz Ka- Wideband networks with a frequency-tuned radome and reflector
  • Meets the demands of varying boat sizes and industries


Operating a smaller vessel? Check out the Intellian v85NX.

Prepared for the Future

Purchasing a robust piece of technology isn’t a decision you make lightly. It’s important to know that the maritime satellite device you choose will be the solution to your communication needs for years to come. The unique design of the Intellian v100NX is upgradeable – making it a future-proofed option you can count on.

Future proof features include: 

  • Accurate GEO/MEO/LEO satellite tracking to be ready for all future networks
  • Ku-band high power upgradeable
  • Converts to Ka-band
  • GX service upgradeable
  • Non-geostationary tracking performance

Manage with Ease

Tricky set up and needing to troubleshoot issues that may arise can be overwhelming. You need to focus on your life and business, which means finding an internet satellite solution with a simplified design is key. 

The Intellian v100nx has the following features to keep installation and maintenance as hassle-free as possible:

  • Common modules are shared across Intellian’s NX antenna series, reducing the number of spare parts
  • The new AptusNX software provides an easy-to-use web interface to manage and control the antenna system
  • Automated system configurations
  • Integrated RF and power cables into one coaxial cable
  • Easily converts from Ku- to Ka-band with a quick change to the center-mounted RF assembly


Technical Specifications: 




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