Intellian GX60 Maritime Stabilized Terminal

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The GX60, by Intellian, is a small maritime stabilized terminal built to work on the Inmarsat Global Xpress (GX) broadband service.  It comes with a fully integrated modem that makes the GX60 easy to install, quickly bringing you a high speed connection.

  • Satellite terminal is fully integrated to include the modem and provide quick connectivity
  • Compact size reduces installation time and expense by removing the requirement for a crane
  • Small terminal with download speeds up to 50Mbps
  • Control & manage remotely with Aptus over Wi-Fi

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Product Description

Intellian GX60

Simple and Quick Installation

The Intellian GX60 is a small, integrated design and easy-to-understand user interface means you can install and commission it in the same time it would take to install a FleetBroadband system.  Your operators will not need to rely on shore-based cranes and face logistical challenges or extended time at port like they would installing other satellite communications systems.  And with speeds up to 50Mbps, you get a lot of value for your investment in the Intellian GX60.

Complete Communications Terminal

The GX60’s integrated design condenses multiple components, like you find in standard VSAT, into a single box, freeing up valuable storage space on board.

A Global Xpress Modem is integrated into the GX60 Below Deck Terminal (BDT), along with an 8 port Ethernet switch.  This allows a direct IP connection to a standard Wi-Fi router or to your vessel’s existing onboard network-ready devices.  Using the built-in Wi-Fi antenna in the BDT, you can wirelessly connect to your PC or mobile device to control and monitor your terminal using Intellian’s Aptus app.

The Perfect Choice For Global High-Speed Communications

Inmarsat’s GX service represents a clear path to finally achieving the same level of connectivity offshore as you have at home or in the office.

Intellian was chosen by Inmarsat as an official GX partner to ensure a smooth, easy transition for vessel operators from legacy services to this next generation capability. From the easily upgradable v100GX to the compact GX60, Intellian’s full line of GX-ready products features a simple, intuitive, graphically-based antenna remote control software, which includes features such as remote management and control from anywhere in the world, and one-touch commissioning.

Intellian’s GX-capable products make satellite communications easy.


If you are looking for faster speeds try the Intellian GX100


Intellian GX60 Datasheet
Intellian GX60 Manual

Radome Height103 cm (40.5 inch)
Radome Diameter90 cm (35.5 inch)
Reflector Diameter65 cm (41 inch )
WeightApprox. 60 kg (132 lbs)


Azimuth RangeUnlimited
Elevation Range-20° ~ 115°
Cross Level RangeUp to ±37°
Motor Brake SystemElevation, Cross Level


TX Gain43.75 dBi @ 29.5GHz w/ Radome
RX Frequency19.2~20.2GHz Ka-band
RX Gain40 dBi @ 19.7GHz w/Radome
G/T> 16.2 dB/K (min.)
BUC Power5W Ka-Band BUC
LNBKa-Band LNB (L.O. 18.25GHz)
PolarizationCircular, Tx:RHCP Rx:LHCP


Dimensions (W × D × H)43.1cm × 44.1cm × 4.4 cm (17 inch × 17.3 inch × 1.7 inch)
Weight4 kg (8.8 lbs)
Display2 line 40 character graphic VFD module
Ship’s Gyrocompass InterfaceNMEA / NMEA 2000
Modem InterfaceIIntegrated Global Express core module
Remote ManagementYes
Wi-Fi OperationYes
Management PortYes
Power Requirement100~240V AC, 50~60Hz, 1A

Compare Intellian GX Maritime Terminals

ModelGX60 / GX60HPGX100 / GX100HPGX100PMV100GX
SystemGX Terminal SystemGX TerminalGX TerminalGX Convertible Antenna System
Radome Dimension (WxH)90x103cm (35.5×25.6in)138×151.4cm (54.3×59.6in)138×151.4 (54.3×59.6in)138×151.4cm (54.3×59.6in)
Reflector Diameter65cm (25.6in)103cm (41in)103cm (41in)103cm (41in)
Antenna WieghtApprox. 60kg / 132lbs128 (282 lbs)113.3 kg (249.78lbs)127.4kg (280.8lbs)
Elevation Range-20 to 115-20 to 115-20 to 115-20 to 115
Cross-Level RangeUp to +37Up to +37Up to +37Up to +37
Turn RateUp to 2 Deg/SecN/AN/AUp to 2 Deg/Sec
TX Frequency29 to 30GHz Ka-band29 to 30GHz29 to 30GHz13.75 to 14.5GHz Ku-band
RX Frequency19.2 to 20.2 GHz Ka-Band19.2 to 20.2 GHz19.2 to 20.2 GHz10.7 to 12.75 GHz Ku-Band
TX Grain43.75 dBi @ 29.5 GHz w/ Radome47.7dB47.7dB41.6dBi @ Mid band
RX Grain40 dBi @ 19.7 GHz w/ Radome43.7Db43.7Db39.4dBi @ Mid band
LNB Pol ControlCircular, Tx:RHCP Rx:LHCPCircular, Tx:RHCP Rx:LHCPCircular, Tx:RHCP Rx:LHCPCross-pol & Co-pol as standard
Cross-Pol IsolationMin 35 dBTx: 29dBW Rx:24dBWTx: 29dBW Rx:24dBW>35 dB @ beam center

GX60 Features

Integrated BDT

  • Single rack mounted unit containing Antenna Control Unit and Global Xpress modem
  • Wi-Fi enabled for wireless management and control via Aptus
  • One Touch Commissioning

    • Simple setup and activation
    • Aptus provides an intuitive, graphical interface

    8 Port Ethernet Switch

    • No external network switch required
    • Turn key connectivity

    Precision Reflector and Frequency Tuned Radome

    • Precision composite reflector counteracts warping due to temperature variation
    • Radome engineered to provide superior RF performance in Ka-band

    Gyro-Free Satellite Search Capability

    • No external heading device input required
    • Reduces installation time, automated Bow offset using Aptus

    Remote Access via Aptus

    • Built-in web interface for remote management, control and updating brings tech support aboard the vessel
    • Automated Diagnostics including internal Spectrum Analyzer

    Global Support

    • 3-Year Global Warranty backed by over 300 Intellian Service and Support centers around the world


    Intellian GX60 Datasheet
    Intellian GX60 Manual


    Intellian GX Terminal Testing at Sea


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