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Beam IsatDock 2 Lite Bundle with ISD 700 Passive Antenna & ISD955 Privacy Handset for IsatPhone 2

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Beam IsatDock 2 Lite Kit with ISD700 Passive Antenna and ISD955 Privacy Handset as a perfect solution for the IsatPhone 2.


Product Description

We are offering the latest Beam IsatDock 2 Lite Kit with ISD700 Passive Antenna and ISD955 Privacy Handset as a perfect solution for the IsatPhone 2 of your Inmarsat. Getting this package will allow you to use your indoor and outdoor satellite phone. Get clear voice and easy access to data with the ISD700 antenna and feel free to answer your personal call with the included Privacy handset.

The IsatDock LITE has been specifically built for the IsatPhone 2 from Inmarsat and enables a semi-permanent installation for a variety of land and sea applications where easy access to standard voice and data services is needed.

The IsatDock LITE allows the IsatPhone 2 to always be on and ready to accept incoming calls, which can be answered via a Bluetooth * adapter or the optional privacy handset.

The IsatPhone 2 handset, which is also key-lockable for extra protection, fits in the IsatDock LITE. Certain features include mobile charging, USB data port, docked Bluetooth cable, and built-in ringer. The antenna and power are permanently attached to the dock so that the IsatDock LITE is still ready for use. The IsatPhone 2 handset is easily inserted and removed by pressing a button which makes it quickly accessible from the dock when necessary.

IsatDock Directional / Fixed ISD700 dual mode Inmarsat & GPS antenna, primarily designed for land use. Designed to operate with Terra terminals and Beam docks. The dual directional/fixed antenna mode ISD700 is supplied with U-bolts which allow it to be securely mounted onto a pole.

The directional/fixed antenna features a female SMA connector for GPS and an Inmarsat SMA connector.

The Beam ISD955 Privacy Handset is an optional accessory for IsatDock LITE and IsatDock DRIVE for added convenience to allow privacy calls with the auto-sensing response and hang-up cup intelligence.

What’s on the box:

  • Universal Mounting Bracket (RAM) 
  • IsatDock LITE 
  • Handset locking Key 
  • 10-32V DC Power Cable 
  • Fixed/Directional Antenna
  • Hang up cup
  • 1.8m or 6’ curly cord
  • Handset
  • Mounting bracket to IsatDock LITE or IsatDock DRIVE – left or Right facing
  • User Manual 
  • Quick Start Guide 
  • ISD955 Privacy handset.


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