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Iridium Network

Iridium is the only satellite communications company that provides a truly global connection. Whether it be connecting via remote land areas, air, across oceans, and even the polar regions, Iridium is the most far-reaching satellite communications service available.


"My husband and I were driving to Baja and on our way we stopped by Satmodo satellite phones and picked up a 2 week rental on an Iridium 9575 sat phone to use in case of an emergency. Glad we had it just to send a couple of text and a few calls to stay in touch with our office. Satmodo crew member Aziz even showed us all how to properly use the phone. "
Michelle Galindo

How is it that Iridium can be so powerful and provide this kind of unmatched connectivity? Through a global constellation of 66 cross-linked Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, high-quality voice and data connectivity is possible pole-to-pole. The LEO satellites allow for a shorter transmission path and lower latency with stronger signals. In short, it’s everything you ever hoped for in remote connectivity.

Iridium understands the need for a reliable network, anytime and anywhere.* Today, voice and data communication is a lifeline – both as a connection we value when family members are far away, or quite literally the critical connection we rely on in matters of life and death.

As of 2019, the Iridium network became even stronger with the roll out of Iridium Certus.

Intro to Iridium

short burst data


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Look no further for greater reliability and stronger throughput than the affordable Iridium Broadband solution. This OpenPort service provides the communication capability to quickly send and receive email, browse the web and make high-quality voice calls. Does your vessel require a reliable VSAT back-up solution? Iridium’s OpenPort products, such as the Iridium Pilot Marine Terminal, allow for this critical connectivity. Easily installed, it can perform all functions in any weather conditions and anywhere on the planet.

Openport Broadband


The Thales VesselLINK is a military-grade device that runs on the global Iridium Certus network. It is equipped to handle any sea conditions pole-to-pole. With its reliable functionality and top of the line safety features, the Thales VesselLink is a perfect communications solution for a single vessel or the most extensive fleet. This product is user-friendly and provides basic necessities such as messaging, voice and e-mail. Additionally, it is versatile and powerful by offering uninterrupted coverage for elite naval operations around the world. Create a complete, globally connected vessel by integrating this device with your current equipment.


Maintaining phone call capability worldwide has become a necessity for people traveling to remote destinations by land, air, and sea. Iridium created a unique network that allows customers to never be without phone service ever again. The Iridium 9555 is one product that allows for global mobile communications via satellite. Trust that your product will work with reliable connectivity is paramount, and this phone (which includes a hands-free headset) delivers. It is ruggedly built to withstand the elements. Though powerful and robust, it is more lightweight than its predecessor while still being the dependable lifeline you depend on.


Pole-To-pole  Connection


Iridium is the only satellite service that offers barrier-free global connectivity. Feel free to roam the world while maintaining seamless communication 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



The newly architectured Iridium Certus will bring you whatever you require in functionality without compromising speed. Satellite communications have been upgraded to one multi-faceted platform with the highest throughput L-band data connection available. With Iridium Certus comes fast, reliable, unparalleled global connectivity. You can expect: streaming data, high-quality voice service, data broadcast, safety services

Allowing individuals, mega-sized operations, (and everything in between) to communicate and run their global business from afar, Iridium offers this all at a superior value. Whether your needs involve short burst data, openport, voice, or a specific maritime solution, the following products will connect you through the most reliable mobile satellite communications network in the world – Iridium.

Iridium Certus

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