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Iridium Rentals
Iridium Rentals
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Globalstar  Rentals
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Mobile Internet Rentals
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Iridium Satphones
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  •    My husband and I were driving to Baja and on our way we stopped by Satmodo satellite phones and picked up a 2 week rental on an Iridium 9575 sat phone to use in case of an emergency. Glad we had it just to send a couple of text and a few calls to stay in touch with our office. Satmodo crew member Aziz even showed us all how to properly use the phone.  

    - ​Michelle Galindo
  •    We rented a phone as a backup to have for possible emergencies in no cell areas on a recent road trip. The phone arrived on the promised day and it was easy to get a connection. When we returned home, we just put it back in the box it was sent in and put the shipping label we had received with the phone, on the box. No fuss. We will be using this company again and I am recommending them to others.  

    - ​D.Meyer
  •    They are the best satellite phone provider and they always pick up the phone!  

    - ​Crystal Lindsey
  •    I'm so glad I chose this company for my satellite phone purchase and monthly service. They have been there for me every step of the way and always have a friendly answer to my never ending questions. They treat me just as good today as they did the first time I called. Good old fashioned customer service. I highly recommend this company and you can tell them that customer Ronda(me)recommended them.  

    - ​R.Fitz
  •    Amazing customer service and product! They are always there when you need them with anything. Iridium phone kept me connected to my family while I was traveling for work. Wouldn't do another trip without one. If you are looking for a reliable product and great prices contact these guys!  

    - ​Eric Rockwell
  •    I am an avid backcountry hiker and am still nervous with each outing about "what might happen." I recently rented a sat-phone from Satmodo for a long trek through the Sierra Nevada at my husband's insistence. THANK GOODNESS I DID! An unforeseeable forest fire started 35 miles from the trail and covered the area in smoke  

    - ​Couvignou Creative
  •    These guys and gals rock. Needed a sat phone for last minute trip out of the country. 10 minutes on the phone and it was on its way! Delivered on time and worked perfect. Customer service and equipment get an A+.  

    - ​Rich Bokanovich
  •    I fish and hunt all over the world. Mike and his crew have kept me in contact from 100 miles offshore to the deepest woods of Montana. The price, hardware and service can't be beat. Thanks boys.  

    - ​Ali Hussainy

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Find Your Location on the Iridium 9575 Extreme Satellite PhoneRun time: 03:01
Texting on an Iridium
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