Satellite Phones FAQ’s For Your Satellite Phone And Devices.

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes you can buy satellite phones, we offer the best satellite communication options. Click here to learn more

India does not allow the use of satellite phones in their country. It is illegal and if caught you will be detained. 

Satellite phones can not use WhatsApp since it is a wifi enabled app. You can rent a satellite internet unit that would allow you to use WhatsApp Here

Some satellite phones use sim cards and others do not. If the phone does use sim cards it is only compatible with the same brand name of the phone.

For example: The Iridium 9555 phone only works with the Iridium network. 

The Inmarsat Isat Phone Pro only works with Inmarsat network.

Iridium Network: Works Worldwide

Inmarsat Network: Works everywhere but polar regions

Globalstar Network: Lower 48 of the USA

Thuraya Network: Europe, Asia, Africa, Russia, and Australia.

– India

– Sri Lanka

– Cuba

– Poland

– Hungary

– Sudan

– North Korea

– Nigeria

– China

– Myanmar

– Chad

We always recommend the Iridium phones to all International travelers. Iridium has global coverage and is the only satellite network that offers it.

Satellite phones have many benefits the main one being that they can get signal anywhere in the world. 

In the midst of a natural disaster satellite phones are the only means of communication.

They also are a great way to prepare for any type of international travel, hiking adventure, off road racing, etc!

Yes, the Iridium Network works anywhere in the world!

Yes, satellite phones work 100% off of satellites so natural disasters to not impair service. Your satellite phone will work before, during, and after!

Satellite phones are not legal in Cuba.

Yes, satellite phones can call and receive calls from an ordinary cell phone. Cell phones can use 2nd stage dialing to call a satellite phone for free.

2nd Stage dialing simply means you will call a USA number and an automated voice will tell you to input the satellite phone number. Once you enter the sat phone number it will connect you for free.