Works Anywhere!

As low as $1099
  • Works Any place on EARTH
  • Make & Receive Calls
  • Free Incoming Text Messages
  • Free Voice Mail with Satmodo


USA & Canada ONLY

As low as $499
  • Great for USA & Canada ONLY
  • Small & Lightweight
  • Great Voice Quality
  • Easy to Use

Inmarsat BGAN

High Speed Data Anyplace

As low as $2499
  • High Speed Data in Remote Areas
  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Up to 650 kbps
  • Easy to Use

Inmarsat Isatphone 2

Worldwide excluding polar regions

As low as $975
  • Dependable Connectivity
  • Make & Receive Calls
  • Send & Receive Text Messages
  • GPS Coordinates Available

Buy Phone FAQs

  • Your cell phone can’t connect directly with a satellite network because it simply isn’t designed to do that. Optionally, you can use a device like the Iridium GO! to connect your smart phone or tablet to the Iridium Satellite Network. Your phone basically acts as your keyboard and screen, while the GO! connects you to the satellites.
  • Satellite Phone usage is more expensive than cell phones or landlines because of supply and demand and the billions of dollars required to develop, build, launch, and maintain these intricate satellite networks for the major providers: Iridium, Inmarsat & Globalstar.
  • Satellite Phones are not illegal in most of the world. Some countries do ban them for political reasons, but this is the exception, not the rule.
  • Countries that have satellite phone restrictions
  • India
    • The only satellite phone and network that India allows is Inmarsat and you must obtain permission before your trip. If you do not have a permit and you bring one you may be imprisoned and you will lose the satellite phone.
  • Sri Lanka
    • If you do not have a permit and you bring a satellite phone to Sri Lanka you may be arrested and it will cost you thousands and a confiscated phone.
  • Cuba
    • Satellite phones or GPS communications system are forbidden in Cuba unless you have taken all the steps necessary to obtain a permit from the Cuban Ministry of Informatics and Communications.
  • Sudan
    • Sudan bans most electronic devices. We highly suggest looking into this matter when you are applying for your Visa or other travel paper work.
  • North Korea
    • North Korea does not allow you to bring satellite phones with you.
  • Nigeria
    • Nigeria has banned satellite phones in certain areas due to terrorist groups. It’s unclear what the law is there about satellite phones but looking into the matter is highly encouraged.
  • Myanmar
    • There has been much unrest and infighting in Myanmar/Burma. In the past most communications was disabled and outside communications was not allowed. This is a country where you have to do your own checking before renting or buying a sat phone.
  • Chad
    • Chad restricts the use of a satellite phone or possessing one.
  • Russia
    • Requires registration prior to bringing the satellite phone in. Satmodo will help you with this step.
  • Iran
    • Iran has restrictions on many electronic devices, like satellite phones and drones. If you are planning to travel to Iran, it is recommended that you first contact the Iranian embassy or consulate to familiarize yourself with the regulations.
  • Libya
    • Certain satellite phone networks were banned in the past and current laws are unclear. Please look into this before committing to a sat phone.
  • Yes you can. We have all the best sat phone options available for you, regardless of your destination. Make sure to take a look at our selection. Please let us know if you have any questions.
  • It is possible. The government has every right to contact the satellite network to reveal the user identity. However, because you would purchase the phone through Satmodo Satellite Phones, the satellite network would simply tell the authorities that it was a Satmodo phone.
  • It is possible. It would take very specific information about the phone's SIM card to work, but it is definitely possible.
  • The right satellite phone can work anywhere on earth because the primary infrastructure is orbiting the planet and does not use any cell towers or repeaters to make the connection possible. Your connection is directly to the satellite in the sky.
  • Satellite phones can be used almost anywhere for any reason. Many people use satellite phones in remote areas while traveling for hunting, hiking, fishing, off-road racing, and cruises.
  • Satellite phones are critical for relief work in the event of a natural disaster, like a hurricane, wildfire, earthquake, or tsunami. Traditional communications, like landlines and cell phones, are often negatively impacted in these events, so a sat phone becomes the only reliable form of communication for the rescue workers and first responders rushing into these risky scenarios.
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