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Doomsday Preppers

For the experienced prepper, putting together a prepping path may be a piece of cake. But for the inexperienced, the initial prepping journey may feel right down overwhelming. The prepping journey for each person will vary, considering the variety of products and factors like safety, shelter, and food. 

In this article, you will find a doomsday preppers guide to make the journey easy. 

Doomsday Preppers – Where is the Doomsday Preppers Guide?

The interest in doomsday prepping truly gained momentum in March of 2020 when the pandemic broke out at full scale in the United States. The entire world was soon within the pandemic’s grip and at a point in time, it really felt like the end was near. 

Now that most of the threat is over and people at vaccinating at increasing rates, we can stop panicking. However, this instance only confirms that natural and man-made calamities will only materialize with alarming frequency. 

There can soon be a time when destruction will escalate and we will be on our own to survive and fare by. In such a time, what can be more helpful than having a stockpile of necessities to survive the elements for as long as possible? 

This is where the idea of doomsday prepping stems from. In the U.S, approximately 3.6 million individuals are doomsday preppers currently. It is easy to prep, what with a survival manual guide for doomsday preppers available on Amazon, on the internet, and just about everywhere. 

Facilities like Amazon Prime ensure you don’t have to seek membership in a warehouse store. From the supplies on your checklist to a guide on how to manage in extreme circumstances, all you need for doomsday prepping is a click away from you. 


What are Doomsday Preppers? 

Doomsday preppers are a guide or manual that helps people prepare for the end of times or a societal collapse, as most fear. Doomsday prepping is pretty much the act of stockpiling resources for survival and ensuring as much self-sufficiency as possible in the face of extreme calamities. 

The concept came into existence because of the Doomsday Preppers’ blockbuster series aired on the National Geographic Channel. It is a custom companion that features hot-to illustrations and survival tips with a stockpiling list from the preppers themselves. 

It is a highly comprehensive and handy guide that offers life-saving information and helps individuals prepare for the most devastating disasters that can strike. The episodes themselves showed real-life preppers who went to extraordinary lengths to prepare for the uncertainties of the world. 

The show saw them constructing homes out of shipping containers, practicing hand-to-hand combat and evacuation drills, and even stocking 50l lbs. of food.


Who is Doomsday Preppers?

If you’re wondering who are doomsday preppers, then you must know that they are average and ordinary human beings from among us. We refer to those individuals as doomsday preppers who are conscious of life’s uncertainties and fear the world’s very probable collapse through calamities. 

They are the people who then prepare for self-sufficiency and survival by stocking up on inventory, supplies, tools, and food to survive. It could even be in the wilderness or in the middle of a collapsed and broken world. 

Doomsday Preppers List 

It is essential to have a doomsday preppers information guide on hand to put together a survival list. It involves a large number of items to ensure your survival if something utterly disastrous happens in the future.

Let’s take a look at the things a doomsday preppers list includes below. 

  1. Water- stock up on unpolluted and uncontaminated drinking water. You will have to prepare water storage big enough to accommodate gallons. Consider plastic water canisters of five gallons. 
  2. Water filtration systems to purify drinking water
  3. Bottled bleach for destroying viruses and bacteria in water 
  4. Rain barrels for collecting rainwater. 
  5. Food items with the longest shelf life
  6. Mylar bags, oxygen absorbers, and sealed plastic containers to maximize the storage life of food items 
  7. Freeze-dried and canned food items
  8. Fuel sources include kerosene, propane, firewood, and a camping stove with a fuel canister. Bip stove is also a good option. 
  9. Multivitamins 
  10. Cold weather clothing articles and warm items
  11. Extra clothes, including overalls, wool socks, thick long johns, sturdy denim, warm flannel shirts 
  12. Tactical boots of the highest quality
  13. Survival gloves 
  14. Face shields and stocking caps 
  15. Body warming packets 
  16. Hooded raincoats 
  17. Sewing kits and supplies 
  18. Reliable, long-lasting, and best sources of warmth and heat 
  19. Woodstoves and large piles of firewood
  20. Survival tent, like tact bivvy 
  21. Emergency sleeping bags 
  22. Small energy solutions and portable chargers 
  23. Satellite phones so that the global network range keeps you connected and accessible, no matter which corner of the earth you might be in. 
  24. Glow sticks 
  25. Illumination 
  26. Rechargeable batteries 
  27. Portable solar chargers
  28. LED Lantern
  29. LED tactical flashlight 
  30. LED headlamp 
  31. Ferro rod striker ]stormproof matches 
  32. Electric lighters 
  33. Magnifying glass 
  34. Tinder 
  35. Window security systems 
  36. Door armor concepts 
  37. Ammunition 
  38. Firearms 
  39. Camouflage 
  40. Filters and gas masks
  41. Bow and arrows 
  42. Oral hygiene 
  43. Razor blades 
  44. Soaps 
  45. Hand sanitizers 
  46. Menstrual cups or tampons for females 
  47. Stockpiles of Toilet papers 
  48. Painkillers 
  49. Contacts or eyeglasses 
  50. Personal medications 
  51. Antibiotics 
  52. Salves 
  53. Wound gauze rolls 
  54. Tourniquets 
  55. Blood clotting sponges 
  56. Vaseline 
  57. Band-aids 
  58. Hydrogen peroxide 
  59. Sterile alcohol prep pads 
  60. Super glue 
  61. Moleskin pads 
  62. Surgical tapes 
  63. Cotton swabs 
  64. Insect repellents 
  65. Nail clippers and tweezers 
  66. Sunscreen 
  67. Shovels 
  68. Hammers 
  69. Saws 
  70. Pliers 
  71. Scissors 
  72. Knives 
  73. Axes and hatches 
  74. Electrical and duct tapes 
  75. Hand pump 
  76. Hand mill 
  77. Precious metals 
  78. Stationery items 

Final Thoughts 

The frequency at which natural disasters, calamities, and global crises occur is quite alarming. There is no doubt that a societal collapse or the devastation of the world at large is a highly probable event in the near future. 

Considering this fact, every individual needs to make good use of a doomsday guide and start preparing for survival and self-sufficiency. By stockpiling the things mentioned above, one can at least hope to outlast the catastrophes and continue living for as long as possible. Most importantly, remember to stock up on robust communication systems like satellite phones to ensure you can communicate for as long as you survive. 

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