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Portable Satellite Internet Options Through Inmarsat

Living, working and playing in the most rural or remote areas of the world offer unique challenges. Though the peacefulness and beauty that often comes with these wide-open spaces is alluring, it can be difficult to maintain connections to the outside world. Whereas this wasn’t a large concern even 20 years ago, now most people have a compelling need to stay connected even when they prefer (or need) to be away from the action. Though national satellite Internet is an option for some, it’s limiting. Portability isn’t in the equation which is often what people looking to connect on a global level would prefer and need. The movers and shakers of the world need Internet that they can utilize anytime and anywhere.

Inmarsat is a leading provider of global mobile satellite communications. Through Inmarsat, there is an option for everyone when it comes to staying connected worldwide.

Portable Satellite Internet Device Options

Inmarsat is considered the pioneer in mobile satellite connectivity. They have a range of services including a variety of broadband services. No matter where you are you can rely on Inmarsat (through one of the following devices) to allow you to conduct basic office communications, surf the web, and even seamlessly stream to enable video conferencing or live broadcasting.

Here we’ve outlined the specifications of Inmarsat’s three top global satellite Internet terminals.

Explorer 510

The BGAN Explorer 510 is the smallest portable Satellite Internet unit of the three. But what it lacks in size it makes up for in reliability to keep you connected all over the world. Which is what makes it so popular. If you need something you can easily pack up and take with you at any time to complete calls or connect to global Internet, the Explorer 510 is a great option.

Here are its notable features:

  • weighs less than 3 pounds
  • encased in durable magnesium designed to resist water and dust – you can leave it outside without worry
  • boasts high-quality voice and data speeds up to 464 kbps – ideal for connecting laptops, smartphones and tablets
  • simple user interface for quick and easy set-up with one button auto-connect
  • access the terminal from your PC or any smart mobile device by way of the Explorer Connect App.
  • its wide-view angle even makes it ideal for maritime use

Gone are the days of trying to find cell coverage to make phone calls and access the Internet. The Explorer 510 is a no-frills way to stay connected 24/7 – perfect for the most on-the-go global travelers.

Explorer 710

For those looking to leverage faster on-demand streaming, the upgraded BGAN Explorer 710 is a top choice. With its ability to bond the signals from two or more Explorer 710 terminals via Ethernet, it can achieve IP streaming rates of 1 Mbps or higher. This means users are close to standard definition broadcast quality, giving an extra level of flexibility. Yet this little powerhouse is still the world’s smallest and lightest Class 1 BGAN terminal.

Other notable features include:

  • provides streaming rates over 650 kbps out of the box, when using new high data rate streaming
  • ideal for Internet browsing, email, live video broadcasting, large file transfers, and phone and video calls
  • powerful 100 meter WiFi range
  • users can wirelessly connect their own devices for voice calling and connectivity
  • unlike the 510, the 710 has a large display and keypad.
  • with the ability to configure the system without a laptop
  • light, compact and tough
  • ultra-portable with quick and easy set-up through one-button auto-connect

If you’re looking for a radical improvement in video quality while abroad, the Explorer 710 delivers.

Explorer 5075GX Fly-Away Antenna System

The Explorer 5075GX Fly-Away is a Ka-band satellite terminal configured to work with Inmarsat Global Xpress (GX). And for global users looking for high capacity and high-speed mobile broadband with coverage that seamlessly spans the world, GX is where it’s at. This terminal will allow for functional and reliable integration in order to quickly connect users to this unmatched network.

The biggest difference with this portable choice is its ability to run on the GX service. Inmarsat’s website states, “The addition of the broadband GX services removes the barriers of supporting high
data rates, robustly and securely facilitating the exchange of large volumes of traffic for mobile users.”

Notable features include:

  • accesses the first high-speed worldwide broadband network
  • lightweight, rugged and portable
  • trust in a high-quality connection no matter the conditions or where you’re at in the world
  • fully integrated iDirect Core Module
  • easy one-button setup and deployment with no pointing required
  • 4-piece Carbon Reflector
  • LCD Display and Web-based user interface

Those looking to widen their reach, with the most versatile and high-quality connectivity, have found what they’re looking for in the Explorer 5075GX.


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