Iridium Certus Strengthens Maritime Connectivity

Iridium Certus Strengthens Maritime Connectivity

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Iridium Certus is a multi-service communications platform powered by the Iridium NEXT satellite constellation. With its introduction in 2019, it became the only pole-to-pole network on the market. Iridium Certus brings you reliable and fast connectivity no matter where you might be in the world. Not only does this flexible platform allow for remote terrestrial connectivity, but also across the world’s seas and oceans.

People working and living while at sea understand the greater challenges presented in a maritime environment. Because broadband connectivity was previously so limited, users have been forced into long contracts and expensive service plans to obtain the required connections. Through the Iridium Certus network and the products it runs on, such as the Thales VesselLINK and  Cobham Satcom SAILOR 4300 L-Band,  maritime connectivity is more affordable than ever. And never before has the reach been on an entirely global level. Iridium Certus makes maritime communication truly limitless.

It’s time to have the connected ship you’ve always envisioned. Iridium Certus serves the following markets:

  • Merchant Shipping
  • Commercial Fishing
  • Government
  • Offshore
  • Workboats
  • Leisure

Whether you are a mariner boating for pleasure or a ship manager in charge of complex onboard sensor systems, no one wants to sacrifice reliable worldwide communication. With Iridium Certus – Maritime, you’ll never feel disconnected again.

IriDium CertUS- Maritime:What To Expect

This unprecedented network runs on robust equipment that offers L-band throughput with broadband speeds even by way of sea.  It is the most reliable choice for working vessels, and the only way to ensure daily business and ship management will run smoothly. Through Iridium Certus and its products, any technological operations can be handled remotely pole-to-pole. Ship owners can expect:

  • Lower operating costs. Not only is the network a better value for anyone using it by sea, but those running the ship can use the communication tool to monitor ship operations such as fuel consumption. A lapse in connectivity can be costly.
  • Safety. The safety of a ship’s crew and passengers is number one. Traveling the world’s seas can be exciting, yet dangerous. Connectivy in these situations is critical, and being connected via the Iridium Certus network gives peace of mind.
  • Seamless day-to-day operations. Whether you are running machinery through your technological network, communicating across fleets, monitoring weather, etc, the low latency network is the optimal choice.

The demands of the satellite community are ever growing. The market for connection offshore was in great need. Until the introduction of Iridium Certus, communications while at sea remained unreliable. Whether operating businesses is the necessity, or you’re interested in keeping in contact with friends and family, there is no better choice than the versatile maritime products of Iridium Certus.

Maritime Products

When traveling and conducting operations by sea, a unique design in satellite communications is required.

Thales VesselLINK

Thales VesselLINK is a military-grade device equipped to handle rough sea conditions pole-to-pole. Maritime services won’t be compromised ever again. With reliable functionality as well as top of the line safety features, Thales VesselLink exceeds expectations for a single vessel or even the most extensive fleet. This product is both simple, think user-friendly with basic necessities such as messaging as e-mail, as well as versatile and powerful. It offers uninterrupted coverage for elite naval operations around the world. Ready to integrate with your current equipment, rounding out your digitized vessel has never been so easy.

Cobham Satcom SAILOR 4300 L-Band

The upgraded, high performing Cobham Satcom SAILOR 4300 L-Band offers maritime users a stand-alone terminal. VSAT equipped vessels are often in heavy demand from crew users and no other service provides the connectivity range that Iridium Certus can. Vessel owners, crew and passengers will no longer have to experience anything less than fast and reliable. So whether you’re looking to strengthen your current vessel communications, or need a dependable backup solution for an existing VSAT system, the Cobham Satcom SAILOR 4300 L-Band allows enhanced communication by sea for the long-term Even the most extensively used systems and data-heavy of applications will run perfectly 24 hours a day.

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